Universal - Jun 28 2001

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Clues Answers
''... --- a midnight dreary'' UPON
''....---, whatever will be, will be'' (song lyric) SERA
''Bejabbers!'' EGAD
''Less Than Zero'' author Bret ELLIS
''To Venus and Back'' singer Amos TORI
--- out (barely make) EKE
Acne years TEENS
Among other things PLUS
Andy's radio partner AMOS
Arabian sultanate OMAN
Article of furniture BED
Baseball great Honus WAGNER
Bestow an award upon HONOR
Better equipped ABLER
Big-nosed muppet GONZO
Circumvent AVOID
Cookie with filling OREO
Culture medium AGAR
Curse of wool LINT
Dissertation THESIS
Engrave ETCH
Explorer --- de Le—n PONCE
Fencing sword EPEE
Feverish state AGUE
Fire remains ASHES
First name among film directors NORA
For the birds AVIAN
For the full band, on a score TUTTI
Go downhill willfully SKI
Harper Valley grp. PTA
Has faith in TRUSTS
In olden time YORE
Invoice word NET
Iron girder IBEAM
Is venturesome DARES
It comes before dawn PRE
Clues Answers
It has a flat neck COBRA
It's a gas? ETHER
January road clearer SNOWPLOW
Japanese form of wrestling SUMO
Lacking sensation NUMB
LAX datum ETA
Lightweight wood BALSA
Literary snippets ANA
Lousy eggs? NITS
Make reference to NAME
Mild expletive DRAT
Money cornucopia UNLIMITEDWEALTH
Mountain ridge ARETE
Nothing more than specified MERE
Object of Jimmy Buffett's search SHAKER
Odium HATE
One working for the lord SERF
Outdo BEST
Pass time idly LAZE
Pirouette pivots TOES
Possessive pronoun ITS
Says ''I do'' WEDS
Show fallibility ERR
Singer Kristofferson KRIS
Singer Redding OTIS
Strip a fruit PARE
Study feverishly CRAM
Swarm TEEM
They're at their best when boring AWLS
Tired vegetable? BEET
To be, to Claudius ESSE
Took a firm stand INSISTED
Trio in Bethlehem MAGI
Turtle shell SCUTE
Type of excuse LAME
Unlimited knowledge INFINITEWISDOM
Upright ERECT
Wailing and Berlin WALLS