The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 1041

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Clues Answers
Coward to cry in pain and alarm? Yes, initially yellow-belly
Did some gardening? Then have a party! HOEDOWN
Elevator not working, for start of mission? lift-off
English poet’s uninteresting study DRYDEN
Former lover of grasping lord, with a limp old flame
French philosopher’s arrest arranged SARTRE
Girl’s fabulous zeal overwhelming one ELIZA
Handy American fuel supply USEFUL
Hurried up, harshly told off, or simply told NARRATED
Minister of Sport disturbed about article PASTOR
One month, just, in London area MAYFAIR
One very loud Yankee becoming doubtful IFFY
Oscar greeting another Oscar in US state OHIO
Clues Answers
Part of core curriculum to come round again RECUR
Poles placed beneath male birds HENS
Put out from the far side? OFFEND
Reliable or false story: truth about West TRUSTWORTHY
Reluctant to keep home gleaming SHINY
Resident of Mull maybe is left with the Queen ISLANDER
Sole concern? fish farm
Something stirring like NY’s? SKYLINE
Songbook Hamlyn adapted HYMNAL
Spanish hero turning up in Icelandic league el cid
Sports ground that’s not viable on regular basis OVAL
Two Britons Down Under coming together for ball POMPOM
Work on the whole stressful: lass ultimately prepares to pray? KNEELS