New York Times - Mar 4 2009

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Clues Answers
'60s protest / Skip, as a dance SITI
'It's either you ___' ORME
'Uh-huh' ISEE
1980s Geena Davis sitcom SARA
1985 Kate Nelligan title role ELENI
Antilles, e.g. ISLES
Arriving at the tail end / Survive ILAST
At a lecture, say / Surpass in quality ICLASS
Attract / Protract DRAWI
Autobahn auto OPEL
Brick baker KILN
Brother of Rebecca, in the Bible LABAN
Burn balm ALOE
Chickadee's perch TWIG
Choice for a dog, as well as a hint to this puzzle's theme INOROUT
College asset ENDOWMENT
Comedian George LOPEZ
Condor's claw TALON
Consumed EATEN
D.C. bigwig SEN
Daughter of 28-Down LEAH
Doritos dip SALSA
False god BAAL
Fjord / Bargain locale ILET
Foot part / Go beyond ISTEP
Genesis victim ABEL
Glean REAP
Govt. security TBILL
Grand Canyon material SANDSTONE
Half a score TEN
Has rolling in the aisles SLAYS
Hit so as to make collapse / Win over BEATI
Holiday display MENORAH
Honcho BOSS
India's ___ Coast MALABAR
It has four strings CELLO
Clues Answers
Kemo ___ SABE
Lacking inflection TONELESS
Locale for a seat of honor DAIS
Many a holiday visitor / Bandit ILAW
Map feature / Start ISET
Marge's TV daughter LISA
Mixer COLA
Necessitate ENTAIL
Oldest U.S. civil liberties org. NRA
Painter's prop EASEL
Parched ARID
Periodicals not brought by a postal carrier EZINES
Peter at the ivories NERO
Poverty NEED
Priest's garb ALB
Revenue / Result ICOME
Some Muppet dolls BERTS
Soon to get / Trying to get IFOR
Spouse's response YESDEAR
Steel helmets with visors BASINETS
Sub / Excel STANDI
Submitted, as an entry / Emitted SENTI
The Box Tops' '___ Her in Church' IMET
They may be covered and circled WAGONS
Tire feature TREAD
Tired / Total ALLI
Trick ending? STER
Unwavering ADAMANT
Up to the job ABLE
Ushered / Showed the door LEDI
Watch location WRIST
Welcome, as a visitor / Try to make a date with ASKI
What a surveyor surveys AREA
What Cain did to 35-Across SLEW
White House adjunct LAWN
___ Bora, wild part of Afghanistan TORA
___ example ASAN
___ Major URSA