New York Times - Mar 1 2018

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Clues Answers
'Bring it on!' or 'Let's rumble!' FIGHTINGWORDS
'Don't look at me!' NOIR
'Moving right along ...' ANYHOO
'Yeah, right' YSL
Annual cinéma award LUIS
Argentine author Jorge ___ Borges HASAT
Assns ORGS
Attacks ARC
Backslide REGRESS
Baked pasta dish ZITI
Band with the aptly titled album 'Powerage' ACDC
Blue area on a Risk board EUROPE
Bohemian PENS
Bring about IRIS
Castle with famous steps IRENE
Chewed stimulant in the Mideast NOTI
Classic letter puzzle -- or, when parsed differently, a hint to three Down answers in this puzzle ICKY
Conservative TORY
Disharmonize OPENED
Dum-dum UNTUNE
Entertaining, in a way PES
Evening stroll PASEO
Fictional home in Georgia TARA
Foot: Lat OHARE
Girl's name that's a body part in reverse OHSURE
Gritty genre TEENS
Has control over ARTY
Haute couture inits GPA
Honker EYRE
How some jokes are delivered WORDRYLY
Kind of terrier GAME
Last-ditch ITERATE
Leader in white POPE
Like goo ANTON
Literary heroine who says 'Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine' QAT
Mao Zedong or Mahatma Gandhi ICON
Clues Answers
Monsoonlike WET
Narrow margin INCH
One might be nervous OWNS
Otherwise ELSE
Pay a visit DROPIN
Period when mammals first appeared TRIASSIC
Place for a marshmallow CESAR
Playwright Chekhov SKYE
Potato harvesting aid HOE
Pre-Olympic event TORCHRELAY
Product with a pipe on its packaging RAE
Pupil surrounder ONA
Recommend, as an applicant WORDINING
Repeat for emphasis YOYO
School yardstick, for short PAS
Shape on a suspension bridge GRIDIRON
Show of brilliance ECLAT
Sorority letter ZETA
Spinny billiards shot MASSE
Spread around STREW
Strain SIFT
Take a header NOSE
Take the top off WORDSQUARE
Taxing subject, briefly? ECON
Tee shot goof TRIP
Texter's qualifier IMO
Things at the ends of dogs' legs PAWORDS
Treat as a saint ENHALO
Was on first TIC
Where a bowl is set LEADTO
Where many people make connections HOOK
Wide-brimmed hats PANAMAS
Writes SKIM
Writing/editing aid WORDPROCESSOR
___ Karakum (Asian desert) ARAL