- Feb 28 2018

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Clues Answers
''Don't delete'' notation STET
''I'll handle it'' LEAVEITTOME
''That makes sense'' ISEE
''When pigs fly!'' NEVER
18 Across resident EVE
Adorable CUTE
Apple beverages CIDERS
At a reduced price ONSALE
Biblical paradise EDEN
Boardroom VIPs EXECS
Bother incessantly EATAT
Bygone Russian autocrat CZAR
Cappuccino topper FOAM
Cheese in a Greek salad FETA
Chimpanzee, for example APE
Chop down AXE
Christian of fashion DIOR
Church service MASS
Does embroidery SEWS
Early afternoon hr ONEPM
Earn after taxes CLEAR
Email command SEND
Evaluates RATES
Falco of ''The Sopranos'' EDIE
Fashion designer McCartney STELLA
Feeling achy SORE
Food package abbr NETWT
Fourth of July Uncle SAM
Fresh-mouthed PERT
Fresh-mouthed talk SASS
Get-up-and-go PEP
Give feedback REACT
Gloom and __ (pessimistic outlook) DOOM
Hard to believe, as excuses LAME
Held a follow-up session REMET
How some sardines are packaged INOIL
Impish sprite PIXIE
In pieces APART
Clues Answers
Just sitting around IDLE
Keep __ (be persistent) ATIT
Kitchen-cabinet stack PLATES
Less than BELOW
Life story, for short BIO
Lingering mark SCAR
List of charges BILL
Military chaplain PADRE
Move without pedaling COAST
Neckwear with an aloha shirt LEI
New Haven school YALE
Perched upon ATOP
Photos, informally PIX
Poker variety FIVECARDDRAW
Pony rider in a patriotic tune YANKEEDOODLE
Rungs of a ladder STEPS
Said ''Not guilty,'' say PLED
Sailor's assent AYEAYE
Sand hill DUNE
Sensational, in showbiz BOFFO
Serving of corn EAR
Settings for weddings ALTARS
Smartphone programs APPS
Sound of relief SIGH
Sound of scissors SNIP
Spanish cheer OLE
Strong drain cleaner LYE
The Stars and Stripes FLAG
Totally exhausted ALLTIREDOUT
Toy musical instrument KAZOO
Unaccompanied ALONE
Volcano in Sicily ETNA
Words of clarification IMEAN
Words to a song LYRIC
WWW addresses URLS
Young goats KIDS
__ and ends (miscellany) ODDS
__ Peacock (suspect in Clue) MRS
__-day (vitamin dose, often) ONEA