Universal - Feb 27 2018

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Clues Answers
"... and make it quick!" ASAP
"Auld ___ Syne" LANG
"Peanuts" character LUCY
Admonishment word DONT
Amusing musical production OPERETTA
Any desiccant, e.g DRIER
Arctic floater FLOE
Bars legally ESTOPS
Be a farmer PLANT
Become frozen ICEUP
Bibliog. space saver ETAL
Blend for an infant PUREE
Book of many insets ATLAS
Cherry leftovers STEMS
Christmas tree option BALSAM
Controls a game show HOSTS
Cut reminder SCAR
Dairy sound MOO
Daring poker bet ALLIN
Diner's necessity DISH
Do engine maintenance TUNE
Doesn't peter out LASTS
Edgar Poe's middle ALLAN
Estimate words ORSO
Exorbitant, as prices STEEP
Fairy story TALE
Fountain offering MALTED
Galba's predecessor NERO
Genesis name ENOS
Genetic letters RNA
Grassy plain LLANO
Hard knocks BOPS
Hoops official REF
How things should go, ideally ACCORDINGTOPLAN
Hurried SPED
Insults DIGS
Italian money, once LIRE
Keyboard error TYPO
Clues Answers
Large muscular guy STRAPPINGFELLOW
Latin father PATER
Lie adjacent to ABUT
Man known for his morals AESOP
Momentous occasion EVENT
Musical opener INTRO
Narrow board LATH
Nevertheless, briefly THO
Not tricked by ONTO
Old name for ants EMMETS
Old start with "while" ERST
On cloud nine ELATED
One of the tides NEAP
Part of a movie SCENE
Passing notices OBITS
Percussion instrument DRUM
Pickle variety DILL
Poker pay-ins ANTES
Protected wading bird EGRET
Reason to visit the mall SALE
Rx overseers FDA
Sch. org PTA
Simple boat RAFT
Spherical hairdo AFRO
Spring-loaded places OASES
St. crosser AVE
Stuns wonderfully AWES
Thing on a corner LAMPPOST
Top shelf AONE
Tree or syrup variety MAPLE
Twisted cotton thread LISLE
U-turn from out of INTO
U-turn from sow REAP
Wedded on the quick ELOPED
Word with "good to go" YOURE
Yorkshire river OUSE