The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 27,443 - Feb 27 2018

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Clues Answers
... Soviet leader, restoring Ivan the Terrible, last letters of literati lost BREZHNEV
22 down's confused, where victory lies in virtue FIRST
Always strong and stable but inside loveless, therefore concerning EVERGREEN
Call to reduce phobias (as justice ought to be) on Tyneside PHONE
Destroyed by devils and a radicalised ... VANDALISED
Dish sent back, Boatman saying: 'No meat' BIRYANI
Dog sled is worked in shifts DISLODGES
Eastern root of many outsiders ornamenting life in capitals MOOLI
Fortitude beside explosive device found at highest level on vessel BOTTLECAP
He employs cowboys with spurs, no nonsense, wiser at last RANCHER
Heroically, ecstatically proletarian: no hothead, no alternative EPICALLY
Hypnotised with spots of light instead of softly snoring DAZZLED
In bonds, hopes LONGS
Industry for high flyers rapidly embracing lust AEROSPACE
Jesus' words of comfort for the poor in spirit etc: 'Go and renegotiate dues!' BEATITUDES
Clues Answers
Looking up to quote work of lyrical quality POETIC
Losing some faith finally in prudence, causing split RIFT
Note: wrath is an illusion MIRAGE
One freshly converted to make war, say NEOPHYTE
One unfortunate formerly embraced, then cut off ISOLATED
Raised Soviet leader to become first BRED
Scene of overindulgence and wicked bare greed by name? BEERGARDEN
Slothful doctor gets home help MAID
Small change to charity creating sacred music PSALMS
Some tabloid on showing temperance SUNDRY
Soviet leader on former Axis: 'It's hot' SEXY
They guide the coach's team after taking number one with pride POSTILIONS
They include envy, with idle sadness in some versions SEVENDEADLYSINS
Without a word of thanks, left in London? TACITLY