USA Today - Feb 25 2018

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Clues Answers
"Blondie" kid ELMO
"Hamilton" segment SCENE
"Herzog" author Bellow SAUL
"Humble" residence ABODE
"The Sound of Music" peak ALP
Aesopian conclusion MORAL
Airplane wing measure SPAN
Beehive State native UTE
Begin the day RISE
Big wheels, for short VIPS
Bose offering STEREO
Bread served with falafel PITA
Chris with six U.S. Open wins EVERT
Citizenship prerequisite TEST
City north of Des Moines AMES
Corporal or colonel RANK
Couldn't do without NEEDED
Creator of Pooh and Roo MILNE
Cupid, to the Greeks EROS
Design made with tiles MOSAIC
Designated drivers' drinks, maybe SODAS
Dire prophecy DOOM
Exotic berry in smoothies ACAI
Fax forerunner TELEX
Feels awful about RUES
Fey who lampooned Palin TINA
Gave a silent 26-Down NODDED
Give off, as vibes EMIT
Green light ASSENT
Has the guts DARES
Have a bug AIL
Holders of joint custody, perhaps EXES
Home of the Incas PERU
Hurl, as invectives SPEW
Ides of March rebuke ETTU
Internet users' peripherals MODEMS
It may parallel a highway SERVICEROAD
Kazan who was blacklisted ELIA
Lead for Charlie Chan CLUE
Clues Answers
Like a string bikini SKIMPY
Like Neil Simon's couple ODD
Lion's share MOST
Machine gun site NEST
MasterCard alternative VISA
Midsize Nissan ALTIMA
Moral compass ETHIC
More Solomonic WISER
Morticia or Gomez ADDAMS
Moved carefully EASED
Noah's landfall ARARAT
Nosebag morsels OATS
Nutrient plentiful in lentils IRON
Patient of some surgeons TREE
Peter out ABATE
Piggy bank feature SLOT
Place to hike and observe wildlife NATURETRAIL
Prefix with knock or lock ANTI
Race car's stop PIT
Raptor's gripper TALON
Reflexology spots SPAS
Retiree's asset, briefly IRA
Seized auto, perhaps REPO
Sherlock Holmes' Miss Adler IRENE
Shipments to refineries ORES
Sophia of "Two Women" LOREN
Space ___ (airhead) CADET
Start a 65-Down, say INVEST
Sunni leader IMAM
Thomas who drew Santa NAST
Three-card monte, e.g SCAM
Touch base after a flyout TAGUP
Unlike a green banana RIPE
Unwelcome winter weather SLEET
Was the author of PENNED
What a dupe may be led down GARDENPATH
Where to find eggs and yogurt DAIRYAISLE
Zachary of "Tangled" LEVI
___-ran (loser) ALSO