The Washington Post Sunday - Feb 25 2018

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Clues Answers
'50s politico Kefauver ESTES
'Baudolino' author ECO
'Famous' cookie man AMOS
'Ghosts' playwright IBSEN
'Good heavens!' EGADS
'Green' prefix ECO
'It's so nauseating' UGH
'Later,' in Lille ADIEU
'Let Me Ride' rapper Dr. ___ DRE
'Relax,' on base ATEASE
'The Family Circus' cartoonist Keane BIL
'___ Kleine Nachtmusik' (classic Mozart piece) EINE
'___ Said ___ Said' (1966 Beatles song) SHE
'___ the pity' MORES
1998 British Open champ OMEARA
Adds layers to, as with paint RECOATS
Android's array APPS
Aquatic invertebrates bearing the name of a many-headed monster HYDRAS
Artoo's 'surname' DETOO
Associates with RELATESTO
Backsplash square TILE
Begins the workday CLOCKSIN
Big rig on the interstate SEMI
Car mechanic's wiper RAG
Cartoon villain who seeks the secrets of Castle Grayskull SKELETOR
Catch a glimpse of SPOT
Certain Yamaha vehicle MOPED
Code of conduct ETHIC
Comfort during a crisis SOLACE
Company sub TEMP
Congers, e.g EELS
Copy writers? SCRIBES
Cornell's locale ITHACA
Country legend Kenny ROGERS
Coup d'___ ETAT
Covered in quills SPINY
D.C. nine NATS
December tune CAROL
Did some crew work OARED
Do goo GEL
Doomsday in the Senate IDES
Duct drop TEAR
Element in blue glass COBALT
Ending of a company INC
Engine enhancer TURBO
Executive refusal VETO
Exhibited gloominess MOPED
Fantasy island? AVALON
Field trip vehicles BUSES
Fin's portrayer on 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' ICET
Flora and fauna BIOTA
Former legal dramedy '___ McBeal' ALLY
Former New York City mayor Ed who wrote murder mysteries KOCH
From days gone by OFOLD
Funnyman Johnson ARTE
Gilpin who played Roz on 'Frasier' PERI
Gold medal-winning long jumper Bob BEAMON
Graph features AXES
Haile revered among Rastafarians SELASSIE
High priest of Shiloh ELI
Hitter of 609 career home runs SOSA
Hitter of 696 career home runs, familiarly AROD
Hold firmly GRASP
In the vicinity CLOSE
Increased ROSE
Iroquoian people SENECA
It makes short flights AIRTAXI
Jacobs of fashion MARC
Janitors' tools MOPS
Keg insert TAP
Clues Answers
Kennedy's colleague ALITO
Lakeside rental CANOE
Least adorned BAREST
Like rhubarb TART
Like some checking accounts NOFEE
Like Taft's presidency ONETERM
Lime covering PEEL
Lowers in reputation ABASES
Messenger molecule RNA
Meyers seen on NBC SETH
Moves hurriedly (away) SKITTERS
Muscle injury TEAR
Música norteña songwriter Ayala RAMON
NBA Hall of Famer Sanders SATCH
Neither here nor there? ABSENT
Number theory pioneer EUCLID
Octet for most spiders EYES
Padmé's love, familiarly ANI
Pair of boxers? FISTS
Paper towel layer PLY
Pasta-topping sauce RAGU
Period of preparation LEADTIME
Physique, briefly BOD
Pink wine choice ROSE
Poetic Dickinson EMILY
Poetic Nash OGDEN
Potential brother PLEDGE
Powerful ruler AUTOCRAT
Pride, e.g SIN
Procedures following big chemical spills CLEANUPS
Provide with shelter HOUSE
Put back to zero, say RESET
Quaint calculators ABACI
Rests atop LIESON
Roof edges EAVES
Russia vis-a-vis Prussia during the Napoleonic Wars ALLY
Seal, as the deal on a home CLOSE
Sentence fragment PHRASE
Served flawlessly ACED
Show honesty, per the title of a 2015 hip-hop song by Kid Ink BEREAL
Sign before Gemini TAURUS
Singer-songwriter Joan OSBORNE
Six-sided metal fastener HEXNUT
Societal customs MORES
Some medieval weapons AXES
Star of HBO's 'Insecure' ISSARAE
Stuff in some barrels OIL
Suffering considerably INAGONY
Test versions BETAS
Things surrounding ultimate fighting rings CAGES
Those who may do time a second time REPEATOFFENDERS
Toll roads PIKES
Transient sort VAGRANT
Trifling MERE
Trouble in bed, maybe APNEA
Trouble spot? GAMETABLE
Turn blue after turning green, say REDYE
TV doctor role for Laurie, once HOUSE
TV journalist Lester HOLT
Venetian blind piece SLAT
Voting ___ AGE
Waiter's collections TIPS
Wall fixture, perhaps SAFE
What a forebear leaves LEGACY
Withdrew little by little WEANED
Woman's name that becomes another woman's name if you swap the first two letters ILSA
Would-be doctor's test ORAL
___ brothers (influential conservative donors) KOCH
___ Fox BRER
___ stick (bouncy toy) POGO