Irish Times (Crosaire) - Feb 23 2018

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Clues Answers
A haircut associated with an older person - a slippery type Molly Malone could identify GREYMULLET
A new bill in California refers to state over the American border CANADA
Bank's marketing tips for those interested in what's coming down the track MAPS
Cyberspace raid perhaps is leaked? EMISSION
Driving force for revolution from On the Road MOTORCYCLE
Drug addict rings old city loan shark USURER
Exercises little dogs burying most of the salad stuff! PRESSUPS
Fiddles for Colman Hawkins on both sides CONS
Gets to announce half of them at church fete for foundation EMCEE
Grounds for English to contact Twitter ESTATE
Guy slips a disc in medicals MALE
Hard-working detective admits job is not finished and starts finding inconsistences coincidently PROLIFIC
Man of the cloth showing off Rialto TAILOR
Mistake part of the sanctimonious lip-service SLIP
Clues Answers
Most of 22 across and 26 across provides security for The House INSURANCEPOLICY
Oliver Gavroche wandering around Paris? URCHIN
Opens Lennon and McCartney's performance and is a source of illumination LAMP
Protections for unorthodox Iran census INSURANCES
Psychologist dismisses ghosts as a matter of course POLICY
She clued puzzle to plan SCHEDULE
Some of the belief is traditional and that can hurt when hit with it FIST
Steal someone's identity or familiar moniker NICKNAME
Take film away from unfamiliar muse URANIA
Talking points of how to get photographs TOPICS
The Animals' set opens to hysteria in Australian state TASMANIA
The D?il visitor isn't at home for long HOUSEGUEST
They provide cover for sunrise bursting over river INSURERS
They're warming to those hearing things from listening devices about 1,000 paramilitaries EARMUFFS