The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7582

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Clues Answers
African country GHANA
African country ANGOLA
African country EGYPT
African country (Z, not G) ZAMBIA
All possible EVERY
Bustle; commotion FUSS
Carefully arranged for effect stage-managed
Chinese seaport SHANGHAI
Cured herring BLOATER
Feeling penitent SORRY
Grotesque carving GARGOYLE
Holiday town RESORT
Clues Answers
Impede, burden ENCUMBER
Inflamed swelling BOIL
Irresistibly interested FASCINATED
Large jug EWER
Lazily IDLY
Long narrow ditch FOSSE
One pursuing a criminal for reward bounty hunter
Prevent from breathing CHOKE
Science of smelting, alloys, etc METALLURGY
Sealing sheet GASKET
Shell-less marine mollusc sea slug
Tall wading bird FLAMINGO