The Sun - Two Speed - Feb 18 2018

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Clues Answers
A brace TWO
Any individual ONE
Apparition PHANTOM
Ardently EAGERLY
Augury OMEN
Barrack JEER
Before time, holding keys with much enthusiasm EAGERLY
Boy hasn't finished small fruit OLIVE
Boy on vessel gains money prize JACKPOT
Cannot keep holy man inside – it's not safe UNSTABLE
Catching knotted rope NETTING
Co Antrim characters turn out to be amorous ROMANTIC
Cocktail fruit OLIVE
Coin side HEADS
Crowds at stores, we hear HORDES
Draws back RETRACTS
Early anaesthetic ETHER
Elucidated EXPOUNDED
Emaciated SKINNY
Farcical COMIC
Flipper's call to those in charge HEADS
Fondly remembering NOSTALGIC
Goal difficult if containing runs scored slowly LARGO
In France I hesitate to show contempt by derision JEER
Indicate DENOTE
Intense DEEP
Intense hatred ODIUM
Clues Answers
Lean to see hotel in a shade of blue SKINNY
Mean not to be in river DENOTE
Mix up unwanted household goods JUMBLE
Number's put back in showtime TWO
Old monument to queen in decline should be returned PYRAMID
Pharaoh's tomb PYRAMID
Prison room CELL
Prisoner's room to exchange for money, we hear CELL
Put forward by not including hit EXPOUNDED
Requiring massaging, it's said NEEDING
River soft but not shallow DEEP
Sign of Disney fish returning OMEN
Slow movement in music LARGO
Somewhat lonely figure ONE
Spectre appears softly before a month is out PHANTOM
State of the musical OKLAHOMA
Strong dislike of piano off stage ODIUM
Takes back what one said about pamphlets RETRACTS
Three flying around upper air ETHER
Top prize JACKPOT
Tulsa's state OKLAHOMA
Unhappily coasting round lake, homesick NOSTALGIC
Universal pointless kind of strip COMIC