Universal - Feb 16 2018

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Clues Answers
"... ___ I'm told" ORSO
"Addams Family" cousin ITT
"My kingdom for ___" AHORSE
"Nanook of the North" home IGLOO
"Whoa" opposite GEEUP
"___ Gotta Have It" SHES
Artillery necessity AMMO
Big doofus OAF
Biweekly tide NEAP
Catch sight of ESPY
Certain woodwind OBOE
Crook's accomplice ABETTOR
Deep wagon tracks RUTS
Distinctive flair ELAN
Farmers' coupling devices YOKES
Ferry destination, sometimes ISLE
Foursome minus one TRIO
From China ASIAN
Frozen clues for a detective? No TRACKSINTHEHAIL
Fun winter activities? No SLEETBALLFIGHTS
Gaelic ERSE
Generic parrot name POLLY
Giancarlo Stanton, now YANKEE
Guam, for one (Abbr.) TERR
Half-off event SALE
Have compassion for PITY
Historic time period ERA
Indian city AGRA
Intoxicating, as liquor HEADY
Kindergarten threesome ABC
Labor Dept. org OSHA
Lack-of-muscle condition ATONY
Legendary boxer ALI
Legendary Myrna LOY
Li'l Abner's dad PAPPY
Clues Answers
Like a 0-0-0 RHE game NOHIT
Like a ski hill ASLOPE
List-cutting abbr ETAL
Long-necked wading bird IBIS
Metric volume unit STERE
Miscellaneous collection OLIO
Moisten in the oven BASTE
More competent ABLER
Muse of verse ERATO
Neighbor of Vietnam LAOS
Nutmeg skin ARIL
Old Testament book EZRA
Perlman of TV RHEA
Petty quarrel SETTO
Places for grazing LEAS
Poker variety STUD
Pot's top LID
Praise vociferously HERALD
Prepare for PLAN
Psychic's gift ESP
Purposely avoid SHUN
Relative of a kingfisher MOTMOT
Republic of China capital TAIPEI
Sari-wearing royal RANI
Scarred facial pit POCK
Spinning water EDDY
Stage celebrity STAR
Surface-rattling voices BASSI
T.S. with a pen ELIOT
Type of bliss MARITAL
Type type PICA
Verboten thing NONO
Visitors of tomorrow? SEERS
Visualize SEE
Wing alternative THIGH
With a double S-shaped curve OGEE
Woman's counterpart MAN