The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7577

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Clues Answers
Becoming less tense RELAXING
Before the present AGO
Biting flies MIDGES
Charitable individual good samaritan
Differing form of an element ISOTOPE
Eventually sooner or later
Fearful respect AWE
Grasp forcibly SEIZE
Grossly overweight OBESE
Have a proper place (in) BELONG
Hindmost part TAIL
Clues Answers
Introductory passage lead-in
Large N Atlantic island GREENLAND
Mitigate; forgive EXCUSE
Most important CENTRAL
Part of a sentence CLAUSE
Program instructions CODE
Relating to the sun SOLAR
Reuse (old ideas) REHASH
Reverting to an ancestral form ATAVISTIC
Sloping typeface ITALICS
Women's underwear LINGERIE