The Washington Post Sunday - Feb 4 2018

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Clues Answers
'i' rapper Kendrick LAMAR
'Living' things, maybe WILLS
'Skin' and 'Bones,' e.g SERIES
'The L Word' producer Chaiken ILENE
'The ___ Runner' (Khaled Hosseini book) KITE
'We've been tricked!' ITSATRAP
'What's ___?' NEW
'X-Men: Days of Future Past' actor ___ Sy OMAR
'Yesterday!' PRONTO
*Becomes more restrictive LIGHTENSUP
*Destroyed, as by fire TURNEDDOWN
*Injuring ROUNDING
*Liberal arts college on the West Coast ACCIDENTAL
*Longtime program featuring Ted Koppel SIGHTLINE
*Producing rattling noises FLATTERING
*Space satellites, e.g ARBITERS
*They're not included EMISSIONS
*Treat served during a 4 p.m. British social SEABISCUIT
*Weather phenomenon caused by cold air passing over the warm moisture of a certain body of water TAKEEFFECT
Actor Jason of 'Star Trek: Discovery' ISAACS
Actress Alexander ERIKA
Analgesic target ACHE
Atlantic feature ESSAY
Bad treatment ABUSE
Before the arthroscopy, e.g PREOP
Begin driving TEEOFF
Bonnyrigg boys LADS
Boxer's warning SNARL
Brand sold at PetSmart IAMS
Buffalo groups HERDS
Bushy do AFRO
Calculator brand CASIO
Canard ___ presse (French dish) ALA
Canton's home OHIO
Change course VEER
Chihuahua party FIESTA
Child-care providers NANNIES
Circus precaution NET
Classist types, perhaps SNOBS
Command after an error UNDO
Commencement attire ROBE
Container's weight TARE
Cube developer ICEMAKER
Darken DIM
Decides that one will PLANSTO
Deen's lists? RECIPES
Detectors of waves EARS
Disney film queen NALA
Dispense ALLOT
Don on the airwaves IMUS
Dramatic genre NOIR
Drink that Dave Barry called the 'greatest invention in the history of mankind' BEER
Emulate Mercury or Mars SING
Event for visitors ROADGAME
Exam since 1948 LSAT
Fashion designer Saab ELIE
Field team OXEN
Fifth of a royal flush ACE
Five-year-old method of transport, say TRIKE
Foreman's deliveries, at times LEFTS
Formal accessory ASCOT
Fox, e.g CANID
From Rotterdam, say DUTCH
Gets in on, with 'in' OPTS
Goal after a defense, briefly POSTDOC
Grail ___ (important book in 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade') DIARY
It's like 'kinda' SORTA
Larch part ROOT
Letter's document LEASE
Like an albatross AVIAN
Like many basilicas DOMED
Clues Answers
Like three Cy Young performances NOHIT
Load, as files OPEN
Loving god EROS
Luther's propositions THESES
Luxury hotel chain based in Dallas OMNI
Maggie's grandpa ABE
Malkin or Plushenko with skates (but in different sports) EVGENI
Managed, as a task SAWTO
Many a Greenlander INUIT
Michael of SNL CHE
Mideast language FARSI
Mini bar? AXLE
Minor key of Chopin's 'Fantaisie-Impromptu,' Op. 66, No. 4 CSHARP
Move furtively CREEP
Mrs. Smith product PIE
Muddy spot STY
Music legend John ELTON
Narrowly defeated EDGED
Nation whose name means 'Land of the Thunder Dragon' in its native language BHUTAN
NFL sideline reporter ___ Oliver PAM
Nut with a cupule ACORN
Off the table? EATEN
Old recording format VHS
Ordered BADE
Orderly NEAT
Org. for caregivers AMA
Palm reader's concern FATE
Peter Pan destination DEPOT
Philadelphia Museum of Art architectural feature shown in a classic 'Rocky' scene STEPS
Pirates wear them MITTS
Poker champ Ungar STU
Puzzling ODD
Reminder at work MEMO
Requiring consolation SAD
Restrained STAID
Score holder STAND
Scrutinized EYED
Seasonal strain? NOEL
Secluded valleys DELLS
Short time periods? HRS
Single bit of info DATUM
Site of some splits ALLEY
Slices of pi? NUMBERS
Smooth, street-wise PAVE
Some 'My Little Pony' characters UNICORNS
Some Montana targets ENDS
Some records, briefly EPS
Sparkle GLEAM
Subject for Carl Sagan UNIVERSE
Sundae toppings CHERRIES
Sundae toppings OREOS
Supervillains' spaces LAIRS
Trainer's word SIT
Treats derisively MOCKS
Trigger censors, in a way CUSS
Trunk full of bones TORSO
Tuxedo shirt item STUD
Utterance of indifference MEH
Vehicle in many 'Calvin and Hobbes' strips SLED
Volleyball actions SETS
Warm, as in a ski lodge TOASTY
Weaken SAP
What a shortstop may use to field a grounder BAREHAND
Wikipedia bio tidbit AGE
Wood of the Stones RON
Workplaces for many STEM students LABS
___ Grey (protagonist of 'Hush, Hush' books) NORA
___ incognita TERRA
___ Stone (language-learning software) ROSETTA