The Washington Post Sunday - Feb 11 2018

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Clues Answers
'Arsenic and Old Lace' director Frank CAPRA
'Boy Problems' singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
'Danny, the Champion of the World' author Dahl ROALD
'Feeling Good' singer Simone NINA
'Get out of sight!' HIDE
'Gimme some Alpo!' ARF
'I swear to God ...' SOHELPME
'Jiminy crickets!' EGADS
'Mystery' singer Baker ANITA
'People at Night, Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails' painter Joan MIRO
'Planet of the Apes' creatures CHIMPS
'Public' figure? ENEMY
'Right ___!' HERE
'Sully' actress Linney LAURA
'That would be me' IAM
'Three Sisters' writer CHEKHOV
'Top Chef' implement PAN
'Well done, everyone!' HURRAH
'What do I owe you?' HOWMUCH
'___ you believe it?' CAN
1998 Masters winner Mark OMEARA
2011 NL batting champion José REYES
9-5 automaker, once SAAB
Actor Jannings, or a citrus fruit in reverse EMIL
Admission of prevarication ILIED
Aphrodite's son EROS
Apple found in the iTunes Store FIONA
Approves OKS
Automaker Henry ROYCE
Bear featured in the Benjamin Hoff book 'The Te of Piglet' POOH
Bio class subj RNA
Blackjack action BET
Body shop item TIRE
Bohr model subject ATOM
Braying beasts ASSES
British singer featured on Iggy Azalea's 'Black Widow' RITAORA
Brokerage charge FEE
Brownie, e.g TREAT
Cabo San Lucas locale BAJA
Café au ___ LAIT
Cause for many '60s activists PEACE
Cause to be angry IRK
Celebrated RENOWNED
Certain haploid cell GAMETE
CheapOair listings FARES
Chorale member ALTO
Circus employee TAMER
Circus location ARENA
Comedian Youngman HENNY
Completed perfectly ACED
Consequently THEN
Cracked just a little AJAR
Crank's piece of meat? GRUMPSTEAK
Created, as a sketch DREW
Daughter of Barack SASHA
Depiction in the image 'The Blue Marble' EARTH
Desdemona's husband OTHELLO
Device on a UFO, in sci-fi PROBE
Diagnostic aids TESTS
Domains REALMS
Euro fraction CENT
Experiences a delay LOSESTIME
Explosion sound, in a comic book BLAM
Feline freedom? CATLIBERTY
Fife girl LASS
Former fillies MARES
Garfield's birth state OHIO
Gland that regulates metabolism THYROID
Gold medal-winning gymnast Paul HAMM
Hang up? HOVER
Clues Answers
Home of a mythological lion NEMEA
Humiliate at just the right moment? SHAMEONCUE
Instigates litigation SUES
Internet giant that was once called Quantum Computer Services AOL
Kraft pasta MACARONI
Large room full of little lizards? GECKOCHAMBER
Lunch hour, for some ONEPM
Magnate Musk ELON
Manages moguls, say SKIS
Meridian's state IDAHO
Nabisco delectables OREOS
Neighborhoods AREAS
NFL great Barry or Deion SANDERS
Not so hot anymore PASSE
Notable nacho dip, informally? GUACOFFAME
Oft-debated commerce pact NAFTA
Olympian's blood ICHOR
One of '300,' say EXTRA
One of eight on a square pyramid EDGE
Org. whose members often cite the Second Amendment NRA
Payment app that's owned by PayPal VENMO
Peak performance, in slang AGAME
Pellet propellers BBGUNS
People FOLKS
Petting zoo sound MOO
Pickling herb DILL
Places for some MDs ERS
Pot-building phrase IRAISE
Pro wrestler John who hosts the reality TV show 'American Grit' CENA
Prom motif THEME
Put on again REAIR
Puts away the dishes EATS
Ranch measure ACRE
Reactor fuel that's shaped like politico Al? URANIUMGORE
Ready to go, in a way ABOARD
Red letters, briefly? GOP
Registers, as at a security desk SIGNSIN
Repaired, as holes SEWN
Reversed UNDID
Ring loudly PEAL
Sailor seen on subscription TV? CABLESEAMAN
Sapphire scratches, e.g FLAWS
See 84 Down WARS
Silhouette automaker, once OLDS
Sir Isaac's talons? NEWTONSCLAWS
Sister of Rachel LEAH
Slips up ERRS
Sneaky like a fox SLY
Solemn GRAVE
Song heard on Sunday PSALM
Sound of lamentation MOAN
Stakeout figure COP
Standard NORM
Straighten up NEATEN
Surface for the Jets and the Sharks ICE
Those who have finished sentences EXCONS
Tossed FLUNG
Toxic mixer? POISONCOKE
Turbine component ROTOR
Unfavorable ADVERSE
Velocity tracker RADAR
Waiting space ANTEROOM
With 37 Down, franchise featuring an evil Empire STAR
Working diligently ATIT
Young boxer's mitt? PUPPYGLOVE
___ firma TERRA
___ planning (developer's field) URBAN
___ Smurf PAPA
___-inflammatory ANTI