The Washington Post Sunday - Jan 21 2018

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Clues Answers
'Born Free' author Joy ADAMSON
'Cool,' to a cool cat IDIGIT
'Ew, pls stop sharing' TMI
'Get away from me, you annoying pest!' SHOO
'If I may intrude ...' AHEM
'Mystery solved!' AHA
'Shadow of the Vampire' star Willem DAFOE
'So long, old chap!' TATA
'That was years ___' AGO
'That's ___' (Dean Martin hit) AMORE
'The Good Place' actor Ted DANSON
'___ 7 and up' AGES
'___ Pinafore' HMS
67 Down work ODE
67 Down, e.g POET
Ace's number, briefly ERA
Alternative to a midi MAXI
Alternatives to notes RESTS
Any nonzero number raised to the power of zero ONE
Atmospheric makeup GASES
Bad thing for a computer user to buy? ROTTENAPPLE
Bad thing for a Dodge driver to buy? TOXICAVENGER
Bad thing for a fisherman to buy? OFFENSIVETACKLE
Bad thing for a magazine reader to buy? GARBAGETIME
Bad thing for an equestrian to buy? NASTYHABIT
Bad things for a bar patron to buy? CHEAPSHOTS
Bad things for a liquor store customer to buy? EVILSPIRITS
Bad things for a seamstress to buy? ROUGHPATCHES
Bad things for an underwear shopper to buy? JUNKDRAWERS
Bake sale grp PTA
Base wheels JEEP
Behaving like an ass? BRAYING
Belittle ABASE
Belong FITIN
Big blue expanse SEA
Big blue expanse SKY
Big team members OXEN
Bird on Mexico's coat of arms EAGLE
Bishop's domain SEE
Bow-wielding deity EROS
Break away, in a way SECEDE
Chewed the fat, say ATE
Coke takers, informally NARCOS
Columbia's group IVIES
Connections LIAISONS
Dark purple fruits SLOES
Data visualization method that uses color spectra HEATMAP
Day spa amenity POOL
Debt reminder CHIT
Demonstrates curiosity ASKS
Dewlapped herbivore IGUANA
Doesn't miss ATTENDS
Drops off for a bit NAPS
Dutch city with a big cheese market GOUDA
Eclipses, to some OMENS
Enjoy the sunshine BASK
F- or K+, e.g ION
Face cream ingredient ALOE
Faithful sisters NUNS
Freak out GOAPE
Frequent campaign attire for Hillary Clinton PANTSUIT
Garland resident TEXAN
Get, informally GROK
Gets started on SETSTO
God in the Trimurti SHIVA
Greenhouse glass PANE
Group of glam metal rockers, in slang HAIRBAND
Grumpy mood SNIT
Halloween ammo EGGS
Hollywood honor since 1995 SAGAWARD
Home improvement chain based in the Midwest MENARDS
Homes of the lions DENS
Clues Answers
Hot, hot, hot! SEXY
How some may run AMOK
It makes wide turns SEMI
It may hold water CUP
Kylo ___ ('Star Wars: The Last Jedi' villain) REN
Leather variety SUEDE
Like great shakes SEISMIC
Lipton alternative NESTEA
Lose solidity MELT
Luke's dad, informally ANI
Lunch hour, maybe NOON
Made it home, say SCORED
Major jade exporter CHINA
Med. insurance choice HMO
Membranous pouches SACS
Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia, e.g CHOIR
Midwest city that's about 300 miles west of Chicago, Illinois AMESIOWA
Milo of film OSHEA
Milo's buddy, in film OTIS
Moisten, in a way BASTE
Money holders SAFES
New ___ (host city of the first Asian Games) DELHI
Not appropriate INAPT
Of interest to Audubon AVIAN
Off the fort, in a way AWOL
Official symbols SEALS
On fire LIT
One with red gloves, maybe BOXER
Pablo whose writing was influenced by Federico García Lorca NERUDA
Parts of a cage RIBS
Patient quality that may be measured by a facial analogue scale PAIN
Phony moniker ALIAS
Plummets DIVES
Prada products BAGS
Pronoun that becomes another pronoun if you remove its last letter WHOM
Psych 101 term EGO
Quaint curse POX
Recipients of foreign mail PENPALS
Recommends TOUTS
Red gloves, say MITTS
Roll in a field BALE
Sacred wood carving TOTEM
Santa's little helper ELF
Shift neighbor ENTER
Sloppy display MESS
Something adjusted in Photoshop HUE
Staple of some parties KEG
Storyteller of old BARD
Strong tie BOND
Strongly recommend URGE
Styling material GEL
Titan with a heavy load ATLAS
Took care of SAWTO
Tune one may hear while drinking PUBSONG
Ukrainian site of the Potemkin Steps ODESSA
Underprivileged NEEDY
Uses a debit card, say PAYS
Venomous viper ADDER
Video game with seven polyominoes TETRIS
Vivian, to Will, on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' AUNT
Wanders ROVES
Water coolers? BRIGS
Western actor Elliott SAM
What an otologist may examine EARCANAL
What pedants pick NITS
Working away ATIT
___ circle INNER
___ Field (home of the Brooklyn Dodgers) EBBETS
___-Bismol PEPTO
___-Wan (Luke's teacher) OBI