The Washington Post Sunday - Dec 3 2017

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Clues Answers
'CSI' discoveries BODIES
'Good ___' CALL
'I ___ framed!' WAS
'I'm ___ crying, you're crying!' NOT
'Let me handle it,' in slang IGOTTHIS
'Vega$' star Robert URICH
'What a coincidence to run into you!' OHHI
'Yeah, sure' IBET
'You know ...' SAY
'___ Motel' (TV series based on 'Psycho') BATES
102 Across builder NOAH
122 Across, en español AGUA
29 Across, en francais EAU
Air pressure letters PSI
Allegro con ___ BRIO
Alma mater for many British politicians ETON
Anchor's underwear? NEWSBRIEFS
Answered a charge PLED
Aquamarines, e.g BERYLS
Area in Lower Manhattan or the West End of London SOHO
Arnaz of '50s TV DESI
Bar units PINTS
Battle ___ PLAN
Beekeeper of film ULEE
Being hunted on an old Syfy program GHOST
Belittled ABASED
Bit of liquid DROPLET
Bit of waste at a barbershop TRESS
Bivalve creature CLAM
Board meeting activity? CHESS
Boater's spot HEAD
Boots a grounder, e.g ERRS
Bowl topper LID
Cassowary cousin EMU
Charges for some outpatient tests LABFEES
Cherished by DEARTO
Childish rejoinder AMTOO
Christmas beverage NOG
City that's almost 300 miles from Roma MILANO
Clubs, at times TRUMP
Cohort born before millennials, for short GENX
Cold-weather phenomenon ICEFOG
Confectioner's jacket? SUGARCOAT
Construction worker's hat? DEMOLITIONDERBY
Controversial D.C. lobby NRA
Couturier ___ Saint Laurent YVES
Criticize harshly, in slang DRAG
Currency that depicts Gandhi RUPEE
Debtor's letters IOU
Decline in value SAG
Digitize, as book pages SCAN
Dress carefully PREEN
Each, in a tennis match ALL
Edmond Dantès, e.g., before becoming the Count of Monte Cristo PRISONER
Eighty-six TOSS
Emphatic affirmative YESSIREE
Energize AROUSE
Excited about INTO
Exoneration factor, at times DNA
Feeling between foes, maybe ENMITY
Feeling tense UNEASY
Finalize, as a tattoo INKIN
Flat on one's back SUPINE
Former 'Weekend Update' anchor Fey TINA
Friend in une école AMI
Genesis grandchild ENOS
Genetics pioneer MENDEL
Graham of the Hollies NASH
Greatly bothers EATSAT
Group of '60s activists whose name is one letter off from another group of '60s activists YIPPIES
Hiker's sports jacket? TRAILBLAZER
Clues Answers
Home of Columbus OHIO
In recent times OFLATE
In your face, say UPCLOSE
Incorrect application MISUSE
It may make you cry ONION
It's often mistaken for dynamite TNT
L.A. athlete until 1994 RAIDER
Like some underwear THERMAL
Lilliputian TEENSY
Longhaired breed of rabbit ANGORA
Loose-fitting shirt CAMISE
Love, in a Dean Martin title AMORE
Lumberjack's swimwear? TREETRUNKS
Make a small move STIR
Makes someone less cool HEATS
Many Jeddah residents ARABS
March VIP, for short STPAT
Maximally secure SAFEST
MD's home, informally USOFA
Molecule made up of three identical, simpler molecules TRIMER
Nestlé ice cream brand EDYS
Number of Grammy Awards that Elvis won in his lifetime THREE
One aspiring to be a loser? DIETER
One of a Spanish kind UNO
One who serves people baloney? LIAR
Outdoor platforms TERRACES
Pain relief brand that makes Liquid Gels ALEVE
Parent of the money transfer company Venmo PAYPAL
Part of an office building: Abbr STE
Pat (down) TAMP
Pegs at the Masters TEES
Peterson's portrayer on 'Cheers' WENDT
Picture from a Disney picture CEL
Pirate's stick? BAT
Poet's planet ORB
Politico Paul RON
PR firm's concern IMAGE
Pulled off the road TOWED
Pyromaniac FIREBUG
R&B singer Percy SLEDGE
Remain on the bench SIT
Rental company since 1945 UHAUL
Resting places SPAS
Sauce that's 80 percent vowels AIOLI
Screen picture GRAPHIC
Shelter on the water ARK
Shelters in the woods TENTS
Shiba inu, e.g DOG
Shire of 'Rocky' TALIA
Silhouette's underwear? SHADOWBOXERS
Slugger Mel OTT
Some reef residents EELS
Source of morphine OPIUM
Stumble FALTER
Submerged ridges SHOALS
Test, as a Tom Collins SIP
Tour de France entrant's shoes? BICYCLEPUMPS
Trattoria selection PENNE
Troublesome spots ACNE
Tuxedo accessory STUD
Union general Wallace LEW
Vampire's neckwear? BLOODTIES
Vanished GONE
Vegetarian's shawl? LETTUCEWRAP
Viral opening? ANTI
Wood-carving tool ADZE
Woodworking wood ELM
Word on a mall map HERE
www.georgetown.___ EDU