The Washington Post Sunday - Oct 29 2017

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Clues Answers
'A Gallery of Children' author MI{LN}E
'Chicago' statue OSCAR
'Gangsta's Paradise' rapper COOL{IO}
'I'd be happy to do it' AL{LO}WME
'It's possible' IMAY
'J'Accuse' writer Zola EMILE
'So ...' THUS
'Stranger Things' actress RYDER
'Suppose you ___ an idiot. And suppose you ___ a member of Congress. But I repeat myself': Mark Twain WERE
'The Secret ___' (1910 short story by Joseph Conrad) SHARER
'___ to you!' HERES
40 Across sight SEMI
About to bat DUEUP
Ancient Aegean region IONIA
Angel who was the first Puerto Rican enshrined in the National Museum of Racing's Hall of Fame CORDERO
Average name? DOW
Awesome sight EYEPOPPER
Backstabber of 'Julius Caesar' CASCA
Ball handlers? SEERS
Beguiling character SIREN
Biathlon need AMMO
Big aquatic performer SHAMU
Big honey consumer BEAR
Big septet member ASIA
Bill of ___ ATT{AI}NDER
Bit of wit SNA{RK}
Bombeck who wrote a 'Cope Book' ERMA
Bond-training institution? ETON
Brazos River city WACO
Bug you might find on a plant (or in another kind of plant) BEE{TL}E
Burger topping CHE{ES}E
Came across MET
Certain theologian RABBI
Certain theologians I{MA}MS
Charity tourney, often PROAM
Childish rejoinder ISSO
City-building need in Settlers of Catan ORE
Cogitation creation IDEA
Coliseum athlete, for short LARAM
Deity cited in the Zabur ALLAH
Diamond location {MI}NE
Disappointments LE{TD}OWNS
Drake's specialty HIPHOP
Drippy to the max RUNNIEST
Drive URGE
Driven item SCR{EW}
Electropositive material METAL
Emulate a 44 Down TEMPT
Entertainment site owned by Onion Inc A{VC}LUB
Experience ecdysis MOLT
Extra BON{US}
Far from ample SCANT
Father of Cainan ENOS
Flag feature, perhaps STRIPE
Follow along CO{NF}ORM
Frenzied MANIC
General Mills product CORNCHEX
Go with the flow? SWIM
Got a read on ASSESSED
Graduate's gift, maybe DONATION
Gram-negative strain ECOLI
Had a sub, say ATE
Hail in Hawaii ALOHA
Handle badly MISTREAT
Hermaphroditic creature EARTHWORM
Historical stages ERAS
Hockey Hall of Famer Forsberg PETER
Hubble viewings NEB{UL}AE
In greater demand HOTTER
In the know, in the '40s HEP
International trade site OPENPORT
Jah follower RASTA
Clues Answers
Kai's portrayer in '47 Ronin' KEANU
Links with TIESTO
Lopsided playoff result {SW}EEP
Lubricates GREASES
Miller's material GRIST
Monster BEAST
Monster Mash, Part 1: Night of the Fleshless Lycanthrope {SW}{KE}{ER}{LE}{EW}{TO}{OL}{NF}
Monster Mash, Part 2: The Bridge Guardian From Hell {TD}{RE}{OM}{LO}{LN}
Monster Mash, Part 3: Attack of the One-Eyed Bloodsucker {VC}{AY}{MC}{PL}{IO}{RP}{ES}
Monster Mash, Part 4: Undead Egyptian From Another Planet {MA}{UL}{MI}{ME}{YN}
Monster Mash, Part 5: Terror of the Legendary Bullheaded Reptile {MB}{IA}{NS}{OI}{TL}{AI}{US}{RK}
Name in '08 headlines {MC}CAIN
Obtains coercively EXTORTS
Oceanography facility SEALAB
Offensive quality, often ODOR
Olympic gymnast Strug {KE}RRI
One of the Decade Volcanoes ETNA
Opposite of serene STORMY
Ordnung adherents AMISH
Ostracizes SHU{NS}
Part of a Craigslist address ORG
Part of a plot AC{RE}
Performs on 'RuPaul's Drag Race,' in a way LIPS{YN}CS
Phlebotomy unit, often PINT
Place for an ile MER
Pound product POEM
Preprandial blessing GRACE
Quahog location CLA{MB}AR
Quantity in Newton's second law MASS
Rabin's predecessor {ME}IR
Rarer than rare TARTARE
Raymonde of 'Lost' TAN{IA}
Rays' grp A{LE}AST
Reason for despair WOE
Riemann ___ function (mathematics concept) ZETA
Roth of horror films ELI
Roughly speaking ORSO
Savor, as soave SIP
Scheherazade's offering TALE
Seasonal drink, maybe ALE
Short tennis match ONESET
Site of many drivers RESTAREA
Skate park jump {OL}LIE
Soothing ingredient ALOE
Sportscaster Berman LEN
Staged FAKED
Standing REPUTE
Streisand nickname BABS
Studio distributing many Bond films MGM
Sugar sources MA{PL}ES
Summer slacks CAPRIS
Sure things? FACTS
Take a look, in a way PEEK
Taunt RIDE
They might clash EGOS
Titan, once {OI}LER
Tom Sawyer, e.g O{RP}HAN
Top 10 figure LETT{ER}MAN
Travelocity booking RO{OM}
Tree bearing red fruit MULBERRY
Trendy palm fruit ACAI
Trim material LACE
Turning device HINGE
University of ___ (Kuala Lumpur school) MAL{AY}A
Vexing PESKY
Viscous stuff TAR
War front? ANTI
Wedding ritual {TO}AST
Where to find a rattler? CRIB
Wilson loved by Tom Hanks RITA
Xochiquetzal worshiper AZTEC
___ rage (disputed condition) ROID