The Washington Post Sunday - Oct 22 2017

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Clues Answers
'Alice' waitress FLO
'Bring it on' IMGAME
'Call the Midwife' network BBC
'Do,' e.g., but not 'don't' NOTE
'I see' UHHUH
'Just doing my job' ITRY
'La Belle ___' (Offenbach opera parodying the story of Paris and his lover) HELENE
'South Pacific' screenwriter Paul OSBORN
'The Fountainhead' protagonist Howard ROARK
'Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation' author Bill NYE
'What you've heard about me is true' IADMITIT
'Whoa, that's ___' DEEP
'wow r u serious!' OMG
'Yesterday!' ASAP
12-point type PICA
2009 Jack Black-Michael Cera biblical spoof YEARONE
Allows OKS
Attaches, in a way GLUESON
Author Waugh ALEC
Became an issue AROSE
Beer, in slang SUDS
Big prize on 'The Price Is Right' TRIP
Billiards hall need STICK
Boxers' targets NOSES
Brand with Old World Style sauces RAGU
Buddy once on TV EBSEN
Bug film of 1998 ANTZ
Cassini of fashion OLEG
Catch in a web ENMESH
Chronological preposition UNTIL
Circular gaskets ORINGS
Constanze's place of retreat in 'Amadeus' SPA
Cookware part LID
Cool customer's quality POISE
Cryptid's nickname NESSIE
Cubs manager Maddon JOE
Delightful DIVINE
Demonstrative phrase LIKESO
Deteriorate GOTOSEED
Disney princess with magical powers ELSA
Driver's license info SEX
Drug bust unit KILO
Edamame piece POD
European city that the writer Anthony Doerr called 'a puzzle of astonishing complexity' ROME
Falsetto-voiced Muppet ELMO
Far from cautious BRASH
Fell back EBBED
Finalizes, as a contract INKS
Foes of Sauron XMEN
Former Texas governor Richards ANN
Furniture wood ELM
Furtive 'Hey, you!' PSST
Gal pal in Grenoble AMIE
General ___ chicken TSOS
Hall of Fame cornerback Sanders DEION
Hans who developed a well-known counter GEIGER
Have a bite at night SUP
Hazard ___ PAY
Hood worn on 'The Handmaid's Tale' BONNET
Hose problem SNAG
Hybrid fruit UGLI
Idol reading matter FANMAIL
In need of a massage TENSE
In the mood UPTOIT
In vogue MODISH
Interest group? CREDITUNION
Inventor's inkling IDEA
Iron ___ RULE
It weighs on your mind STRESSOR
Clues Answers
Like Cameron Frye in 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' NEUROTIC
Like the lion of a Herculean task NEMEAN
Like thick orange juice PULPY
Little pig SHOAT
Long ___ CON
Looks intently GAZES
Made bad choices? SINNED
Mahershala of 'Luke Cage' ALI
Mesmerized ENRAPT
Monk's genre BEBOP
Musical kit component SNARE
Neuter, as a horse GELD
New Deal org TVA
Obviously impressed AGAPE
One of a triacontagon's 30 SIDE
Org. affected by Title IX NCAA
Ottawa Senators defenseman Karlsson ERIK
Pair also called 'crabs' in Texas hold 'em lingo TREYS
Person making a scene? ACTOR
PGA Tour's Big Easy ELS
Political blogger Klein EZRA
Popular resort site MAUI
Post-debate punditry SPIN
Pot emanation, often AROMA
PreCheck org TSA
Priced to move ONSALE
Procedure sites, briefly ORS
Queens squad METS
Ram Baran Yadav was its first president NEPAL
Rescue squad personnel, briefly EMTS
Response to a funny GIF, perhaps LOL
Rigging supporter TOPMAST
Say W-H-A-T, e.g.? SPELL
Scoring advantage EDGE
See 4 Across ONO
See 43 Down GREEN
Seek damages from SUE
Set for a drive TEEDUP
Sharjah big shot EMIR
Shower powder TALC
Skylit spaces ATRIA
SNL star Jones LESLIE
Socrates's student PLATO
Spirits BOOZE
Splinter group (with 118 Across)? TEENAGEMUTANT
Squirrels away HOARDS
Steals, so to speak BARGAINS
Subject of a '90s boom DOTCOM
Subject of many a John Singer Sargent painting SEASCAPE
Suit in a casino SPADES
Symbol for optical depth, in physics TAU
Tackles, as a puzzle SOLVES
Term for a presidential period, historically ERA
The NBA's Russell Westbrook in 2017, e.g MVP
Tree folk? KIN
Trinity's love in the 'Matrix' trilogy NEO
VaporMax shoe brand NIKE
Venus ___ DEMILO
With 15 Down, 'Hell in Paradise' singer, 1985 YOKO
With 97 Across, 'Gettin' Grown' singer, 2002 CEELO
Word said in passing? YEA
Worker calling strikes UMP
Works on one's rights, say SPARS
Worthington of 'Hacksaw Ridge' SAM
___ basin TIDAL
___-loading (marathoner's routine) CARBO