USA Today - Feb 14 2018

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Clues Answers
"Argo" setting IRAN
"Downton Abbey" character Lady ___ Crawley CORA
"Hey, show some spirit!" LOOKALIVE
"It ain't over till it's over" baseball legend BERRA
"The Communist Manifesto" co-author ENGELS
Agile for one's age SPRY
Angelina Jolie's "Shark Tale" role LOLA
Apportion, with "out" METE
At least two geological eras EON
Bakery buys LOAVES
Ballet bend PLIE
Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 EROICA
Bit of sunshine RAY
Black waterbird with a white bill COOT
Blocks that snap together LEGOS
Bothers to no end EATSAT
Cleveland hoopsters, familiarly CAVS
Combustible heap at a funeral PYRE
Core military group CADRE
Dubya's veep DICK
Editor's "never mind" STET
Eggs at a sushi bar ROE
Feature of a cyclops or cyclone EYE
Feature of a tuxedo shirt LONGSLEEVE
Feature of much burlap LOOSEWEAVE
Forfeit a chance to score, in tennis LOSESERVE
Fountain offering SODA
Future D.A.'s exam LSAT
Gene Simmons' rock band KISS
General in controversial monuments LEE
Got one's hands on PROCURED
Handyman's carry-along TOOLBAG
Hits the roof SEESRED
Hugs, on a greeting card OOO
Israel's national airline ELAL
Item with a Happy Meal TOY
Let off the hook FORGAVE
Lower in status DEBASE
Makes certain ASSURES
Clues Answers
Many a truck engine DIESEL
Mess up ERR
Monetary unit of Turkey LIRA
Monk of Tibet LAMA
Muddy up ROIL
Nile menace ASP
Noble above a viscount EARL
Nonsense poet Edward LEAR
Not taboo ALLOWED
Patella's place KNEE
Portraitist's prop EASEL
Prepare for a book club meeting READ
Prepare to cook, as a turkey DRESS
Prom ride, for short LIMO
Punchbowl go-with LADLE
Records over, e.g ERASES
Removed the soap from RINSED
Road rage, e.g IRE
Rocks at the bar ICE
Savings for the golden yrs IRAS
Sea between Sweden and Poland BALTIC
Seriousness, as of a crime ENORMITY
Sister of Prince Charles ANNE
Societal woes ILLS
Solos for Sills ARIAS
Spain's Costa del ___ SOL
Sports org. with a tour PGA
Strike a chord RESONATE
Swerve sharply VEER
Tabloids, derogatorily RAGS
Take a stab at ENDEAVOR
Tearjerker-watcher's needs TISSUES
Total screwball LUNATIC
Tributes in verse ODES
Underwater ridge REEF
Valuable deposit ORE
Worker for a feudal lord VASSAL
World Cup cheer OLE
Worn-out sofa's problem SAG