Universal - Feb 14 2018

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Clues Answers
Adjective for Pete? SNEAKY
Agenda PLAN
Ancient Greek council BOULE
Biblical hymn PSALM
Boundaries ENDS
Brand-new Mr. and Mrs HONEYMOONCOUPLE
Breakfast fodder EGGS
Certain Greek letters NUS
Chevy model VOLT
Clark or Rogers ROY
Common ship wood TEAK
Concert take GATE
Countless years EONS
Country legend Haggard MERLE
Court conflict TRIAL
Curtain kin DRAPE
Deceiver LIAR
Ely of "Tarzan" fame RON
Employ USE
English or Latin LANGUAGE
Enlarge GROW
Even though ALBEIT
Famous KNOWN
Farm storage buildings SILOS
Forte, musically LOUD
French caps BERETS
Funeral song ELEGY
German river to the North Sea ELBE
Golden parachutes and such SWEETHEARTDEALS
Handy things? ARMS
Hindi title BABU
In ___ of (rather than) LIEU
Jot down NOTE
Latin I word AMAS
Life form BEING
Life of ___ (ease) RILEY
Liquor type MALT
Clues Answers
Make a top 10 list RATE
Mind other's business SNOOP
Most aerodynamic SLEEKEST
Most pleasant NICEST
Mother of all EVE
No longer confined LOOSE
Noisy breaker-upper TNT
North Pole explorer BYRD
Notice from afar ESPY
Old France GAUL
One way to be free SCOT
Open an aspirin bottle UNCAP
Open courtyards ATRIA
Piano exercise ETUDE
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Prefix with "fall" PRAT
Psych finale? OTIC
Qatar currency RIYAL
Quality that evokes pity PATHOS
Ready, willing and ___ ABLE
Scatter about STREW
Shamu, for one ORCA
Sheep matriarchs EWES
Slob's creation MESS
Smell or fragrance SCENT
Snakelike fishes EELS
Some chamber compositions NONETS
Soothing plant ALOE
Suffix with "parliament" ARIAN
Tall Aussie runners EMUS
Tossed over the shoulder SLUNG
Traditional wisdoms LORES
Transmitted SENT
Vaccine type ORAL
Vatican VIP POPE
Young pig (var.) SHOTE
___ a happy 17-Across ENDON