Family Time - Feb 5 2018

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Clues Answers
"Do you need anything ___?" ELSE
A deli meat SALAMI
Antitoxin fluids SERA
Appear to be SEEM
Assist in a crime ABET
Beat everyone else WON
Bird bill BEAK
Breakfast of gladiators? OVA
Cabaret show REVUE
Coin worth 10 cents DIME
Common tree ELM
Crystal ball reader, supposedly SEER
Deviate erratically from a set course YAW
Double-reed instrument OBOE
Eager, and then some AVID
End of a fable MORAL
Fateful day for Caesar IDES
First-year player ROOKIE
Flounder family fish HALIBUT
Go from 13 to 14 AGE
Have on or wear DON
Haydn piece, for example SONATA
Historical period ERA
Horse feed HAY
Huge Aussie avian EMU
It may keep your head warm HAT
Jacqueline Kennedy ___ Bouvier NEE
Large reference book TOME
Lemon coating RIND
Like some dry-cleaning services (2 words) SAMEDAY
Night, in old poetry EEN
Clues Answers
None whatsoever NIL
Not very bright light DIM
Old Roman wrap TOGA
One of 150 in the Bible PSALM
One of a winter pair MITTEN
Over again ANEW
Part of F.W.I.W ITS
Part of the hand PALM
Pas' spouses MAS
Ripped up TORE
Rod between car wheels AXLE
Scottish girl LASS
Sick ILL
Something to clean up MESS
Story that's "to be continued" SERIAL
Summer Games sword EPEE
Tank for rural homeowners SEPTIC
Teamwork obstacle EGO
They may be registered (2 words) TRADENAMES
Thing bigger than a test EXAM
Tiny opening in the skin PORE
Traditional teaching LORE
Treating people badly MEAN
Type of art POSTMODERN
Type of car headlight HALOGEN
Undergarments for women BRAS
Vast tales EPICS
Vegetarian's no-no (2 words) REDMEAT
Visored hat style (2 words) SNAPBRIM
Wrinkly fruit UGLI