Family Time - Feb 4 2018

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Clues Answers
"Beware the ___ of March" ("Julius Caesar") IDES
"Edit" menu option UNDO
"Look before you ___" LEAP
"That was a close one!" PHEW
"What ___ can I say?" ELSE
"___ porridge hot ..." PEASE
5th or Madison, e.g AVE
A quarter of four ONE
Abolish BAN
Added years AGED
Again, from the start ANEW
Ashen WAN
Baby food PAP
Backyard tree ELM
Barbie's boyfriend KEN
Bed-and-breakfast INN
Brittle flatbread OATCAKE
Chowed down ATE
Collector's collection, perhaps ART
Complain about small things FUSS
Dance that makes sounds TAP
Dollar overseas EURO
Drag a car TOW
Emanating glow AURA
Endings for "east" or "west" ERNS
Everyday MUNDANE
Feel under the weather AIL
First O of OOO TIC
Fish eggs ROE
Forbidden ILLICIT
Gentleman SIR
Go "boo-hoo" CRY
Grasp in one's hands GRIP
Clues Answers
Hair roller result CURL
Hand over CEDE
Hathaway of Hollywood ANNE
Have a snack EAT
Heartache WOE
Hold a rummage sale SELL
Huge piece of cake HUNK
Infant's transporter (2 words) BABYCARRIAGE
Insignificant amount IOTA
Ironically amusing WRY
Like a ball hit between the foul lines FAIR
Lion's sound ROAR
Lower in rank ABASE
Moose relative ELK
Old office features (2 words) ROLLTOPDESKS
Old Roman robe TOGA
Opposite of stay awake SLEEP
Pen fluid INK
Period of history ERA
Photographer's diaphragm IRIS
Place for an NBA game ARENA
Portend BODE
Pub serving ALE
Romanian currency LEU
Shape for some macaroni ELBOW
State absolutely AVER
Suffer in the heat SWELTER
The fastest runner breaks it TAPE
Time keeper, at times TOE
To this point YET
Tread stealthily CREEP
Wait at the light IDLE
What a climber wants to reach TOP