Family Time - Feb 11 2018

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Clues Answers
"If I ___ you ..." WERE
"What ___ you doing?" ARE
Acorn dropper OAK
Anti-chafing powder TALC
Be a good listener HEAR
Bearded bloomer IRIS
Break a Commandment SIN
Cherry, for one TREE
College dorm VIPs RAS
Comparable AKIN
Connecting word for travelers VIA
Corded fabric POPLIN
Country singer Paisley BRAD
Crafty, like a fox SLY
Deface MAR
Depend (on) RELY
Donations for the destitute ALMS
Drowning person's need LIFELINE
Fan club favorite IDOL
Fiery gem OPAL
Foot feature ARCH
For each PER
Frosted flakes? SNOW
Get slushy MELT
Glass tinklers ICE
Grassy expanse LEA
High school skin problem ACNE
Holder for arrangements VASE
In the past AGO
Jury member PEER
Kind of tide EBB
Light throw TOSS
Like fine cheese AGED
Like permed hair WAVY
Clues Answers
Lip-balm additive ALOE
Lizardlike creature NEWT
Low card in a royal flush TEN
Mishmash OLIO
Move on runners SKI
Nightstand jug EWER
One way to cook an egg FRY
Opposite of found LOST
Painful pang THROE
Part in a movie ROLE
Pass on, as info CONVEY
Past portly OBESE
Performing pair DUO
Poem of mourning ELEGY
Put into service USE
Rhinoplasty target NOSE
Sanitizer's target GERM
Shot put's path ARC
Show patience WAIT
Sidekick AIDE
Society rookie DEB
Sought office RAN
Start a tennis match SERVE
Teller of untruths LIAR
Trunk in the woods BOLE
Uncontrollable twitch SPASM
Unknown folks SOANDSOS
Use an old phone DIAL
Valuable find in a mine ORE
Wet Michigan? LAKE
Wide-eyed AGOG
Woolly beast LLAMA
You and I are on it EARTH
Zig or zag VEER