Family Time - Jan 28 2018

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Clues Answers
"A ___ formality!" MERE
"Meet Me ___ Louis" INST
"Winning ___ everything" ISNT
"___ Christian Soldiers" ONWARD
2.2-pound unit KILO
Abnormal breathing sound RALE
As well TOO
Became ripe over time AGED
Belonging to Mom HERS
Bittersweet covering ARIL
Black, poetically EBON
Bloom-to-be BUD
Buddy or bro BUB
Butter lookalike OLEO
Catch sight of NOTICE
Chats GABS
Complete range GAMUT
Cow's comment MOO
Creator of illusions MAGICIAN
Declare without proof ALLEGE
Dim-bulbed sort DOLT
Dynamite stuff TNT
Feeling poorly ILL
Film with many extras EPIC
Fire-starting wood TINDER
French monetary unit, once FRANC
Gift label word FROM
Go against orders DEFY
Go back out to sea, as a tide EBB
Have some snacks MUNCH
Hindu prince RAJA
Ho ___ Minh, Vietnamese leader CHI
Ice cream measure PINT
In ___ of (alternatively) LIEU
Clues Answers
It's not fair BIAS
Jack, in a deck KNAVE
Just shy of shut AJAR
Lamb's sound BAA
Manfred of music MANN
Nerve cell impulse transmitter AXON
Nighttime bird call HOOT
Not worth arguing about MOOT
Old Ford model LTD
One of Adam's boys SETH
One of several Norwegian kings OLAV
Operate USE
Opposite of even ODD
Past tense of "is" WAS
Performed or completed DID
Place for cows BARN
Positive answer YES
Prefix that means "new" NEO
Rock in a mine ORE
Slender woodwind instrument OBOE
Something to tie up? (2 words) LOOSEEND
Sport with tackling FOOTBALL
Spreads negative information about VILIFIES
Steps leading down to a river GHAT
Taro dish POI
Three in Roman numerals III
Tire pressure letters PSI
Top card in a deck ACE
U.S. crime-solving org FBI
Very long time unit AEON
Voting coalition BLOC
Wheel shaft AXLE
With nothing left ALL
You may be moved by it VAN