Family Time - Sep 25 2017

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Clues Answers
10 twos TWENTY
Act the worrywart FRET
Antibiotic target GERM
Art of dwarfing plants BONSAI
At the center of AMID
Attachment to "sight" or "over" SEER
Attack with vigor ASSAIL
Before birth PRENATAL
Before, a long time ago ERE
Big stack of bills in a wallet WAD
Butterfly-catching device NET
Clean and orderly NEAT
Clumsy person OAF
Cream-filled cookie OREO
Day before any holiday EVE
Declare formally AVOW
Eggs in a laboratory OVA
Extend (out) JUT
Family vehicle AUTO
Far from good BAD
Flat-bottomed rowboat DORY
Fluid in some trees in Vermont SAP
Formally surrender, as territory CEDE
Fortified military post GARRISON
Grew older AGED
Huge piece of marble or concrete SLAB
Insignificant sort (2 words) SMALLTIMER
Legitimate or unexpired VALID
Like platypuses WEBTOED
Lion's sound ROAR
Clues Answers
Locate FIND
Low digit ONE
Ma'am alternative SIR
Mean mongrel dog CUR
Naval rank SEAMAN
Opposite of spend SAVE
Part of a baseball SEAM
Part of a sword or razor blade EDGE
Place to take a bath TUB
Relative of a gull TERN
Remove wrinkles from a shirt IRON
Response to "How are you?" FINE
Rip paper using an office machine SHRED
Root in Hawaiian cuisine TARO
Sharpness or keenness ACUITY
Some forest creatures DEER
Someone who educates youngГ%82В people PEDAGOG
Soprano's solo ARIA
Sore covering SCAB
Standard golf score PAR
Step of an up-or-down flight? STAIR
Sylvia Plath novel (with "The") BELLJAR
Tax on imports TARIFF
The Lord GOD
Track shape, often OVAL
Try to persuade URGE
Unruly, sometimes violent crowd MOB
Valuable mined rock ORE
Visited a restaurant ATE
Watched the neighbor's kids BABYSAT
___ detector (airport device) METAL