Family Time - Sep 24 2017

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Clues Answers
"Bearded" flower IRIS
"Fee, ___, foe, fum" FIE
"If all ___ fails ..." ELSE
"Will it ___ stop raining?" EVER
180 degrees from west EAST
53-Across, for one GEM
9,000 divided by 900 TEN
Adder's kin ASP
Appetizers STARTERS
Archery wood YEW
Baseball legend Ripken CAL
Better than better BEST
Blacken with fire CHAR
Building block brand LEGO
Card with one pip ACE
Chapter 11 cause DEBT
Chest bone RIB
Chew out SCOLD
Cold and icy GELID
Course section UNIT
Creature covered head-to-toe with hair APE
Drop heavily into a beanbag chair PLOP
Fan noise WHIR
Indian bread NAAN
Inquisition crime HERESY
Jacket fastener sound SNAP
Jewish religious leader RABBI
Keep a turkey moist BASTE
Kind of carpet SHAG
Make smooth, as a road PAVE
Manger visitors MAGI
Maximally dry, as land SERE
Mere commoner PLEB
Clues Answers
Need a deep liniment rub ACHE
Number of fairy tale bears THREE
Number of partridges "my true love sent to me" ONE
Old coin of Italy LIRA
Opera feature ARIA
Opposite of difficulty EASE
Outrage IRE
Part of a book that holds it together SPINE
People picker-upper BUS
Person in charge BOSS
Potato bud EYE
Protein-rich bean SOYA
Remote letters VOL
Roll-call response HERE
Russian ruler no more TSAR
Settle in for the night after a long march ENCAMP
Shrek is one OGRE
Side-to-side movement YAW
Solemn pledge OATH
Spot from a long way off ESPY
St. crosser, maybe AVE
Sticky trap for a pesky insect FLYPAPER
Thing on the agenda ITEM
This may be over your head HAT
This one AND that one BOTH
Up in the air IFFY
Various gear for a certain job PARAPHERNALIA
Very long time unit (var.) AEON
Water waster DRIP
Whitish birthstone OPAL
Word said with a salute, often SIR
Word with "any" or "some" WHERE
Word with "high pressure" AREA