Family Time - Sep 18 2017

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Clues Answers
"... with a banjo on my ___" KNEE
"Fine" studies ARTS
"Hansel and Gretel" setting FOREST
"Put the ___ to the metal!" PEDAL
"___ on Down the Road" EASE
52 playing cards DECK
Admire LIKE
Adored one IDOL
Allowance for weight TARE
Amount of laundry LOAD
Animal similar to a camel LLAMA
Barely achieve (with "out") EKE
Boating paddle OAR
Chest bone RIB
Chowed down ATE
Coffee vessel URN
Come by GET
Comply with a command OBEY
Copycat's request SAME
Cushion or place for a mouse PAD
Doily material LACE
Droop SAG
Earth heater SUN
Fancy party GALA
Feed for pigs SLOP
Fender bender DENT
Foundation BASIS
Grasp in one's hand GRIP
Highly skilled ADEPT
Hood's heater GAT
Huge grassy field LEA
Inmate, briefly CON
Like a wobbly walk UNSTEADY
Like average grades SOSO
Clues Answers
Make characters? TYPE
Map of building lots PLAT
Marquetry feature INLAY
MasterCard alternative VISA
Molecule part ATOM
Neaten finished laundry FOLD
On the roof of ATOP
Opposite of received GAVE
Opposite of war PEACE
Part of a flower STEM
Perform for a director ACT
Pesky flying insect GNAT
Place for a lighthouse ISLE
Possessive pronoun ITS
Present tense of 27-Across SEND
Provoke, as a response ELICIT
Psyche component EGO
Pub serving ALE
Sailor's place SEA
Select from a group CULL
Soprano's solo ARIA
Specialized vocabulary ARGOT
Stench ODOR
Stir up sediment ROIL
Transmitted SENT
Under covers ABED
Uniform marking INSIGNIA
Verse on a vase ODE
Very good rating AONE
Walk to and fro PACE
Washington and ___ University LEE
You might give him the business SON
___ Plaines, Illinois DES
___ school (pre-college institution) PREP