Family Time - Aug 7 2017

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Clues Answers
"... golden days of ___" YORE
"Got it?" SEE
"Hi and ___" (comic strip) LOIS
"Or ___!" (threat ender) ELSE
"Poor pitiful me!" ALAS
"We hold ___ truths to be self-evident" THESE
"___ the season to be jolly" TIS
Aboard a yacht in midvoyage ASEA
Cain's brother ABEL
Cat, moose or bear ANIMAL
Chicken ___ king ALA
Consumed ATE
Daring movie feats STUNTS
Defeated BEAT
Elevator compartment CAR
Exorbitant, as a price STEEP
Farm females with pigtails? SOWS
Functions USES
Game played on horses POLO
Hatchery eggs ROE
Hitter's tool BAT
Homer Simpson's dad ABE
Honey-making insect BEE
Human Genome Project material DNA
In a short time (3 words) BYANDBY
Lambasted BASHED
Library or bank transaction LOAN
Lifeboat mover OAR
Long deli sandwiches SUBS
Make a silly mistake ERR
Maple yield SAP
Military person's hand-to-head gesture SALUTE
Mont Blanc, for one ALP
Mouse user's need PAD
Clues Answers
Neutral shade TAN
Not worth debating, as a point MOOT
Piece of furniture that seats three SOFA
Poet Edgar Allan ___ POE
Poles on boats MASTS
Quick drink NIP
Reconstruction ___ (1865Г%82Ö1877) ERA
Removes, as old coats of paint STRIPS
Run-down part of town SLUM
Small digit TOE
Sound as bells PEAL
Sowing machines SEEDERS
Start of a count ONE
Strange sounds NOISES
Strongly suggest URGE
Stuff on a farm that's cut and dried HAY
Thing in an atlas MAP
Tractor-trailers RIGS
Turkey neighbor SYRIA
Type of shoes for a certain type of dancer TAP
Type of talk PEP
Undergo decay ROT
Unhappy SAD
Untidy situation MESS
Weep SOB
What a dog may bury BONE
What a shepherd shepherds SHEEP
What reporters report NEWS
Woodwind lower than a piccolo OBOE
Words before "goal" or "course" SETA
___ as a fox SLY
___ blanche (unconditional authority) CARTE
___ Diego, Calif SAN
___ Romero (Italian sports car) ALFA