Family Time - Aug 21 2017

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Clues Answers
"More" and "lasting" attachment EVER
"Once ___ a time ..." UPON
"So, what ___ is new?" ELSE
'Welcome' site at the front door MAT
90-degree bend ELL
Actor's part ROLE
Animated Sylvester, for one CAT
Basketball rim HOOP
Belonging to that thing ITS
Bird of war HAWK
Bit of land in the sea ISLE
Boy, dude or fella GUY
Brown bubbly drink COLA
Come into existence EMERGE
Compassionate HUMANE
Computerized library feature CATALOG
Cough drops LOZENGES
Dates SEES
Dog's foot PAW
Drink of the mythical gods NECTAR
Enjoyed Arby's ATE
European blackbird OUZEL
Fail to win LOSE
Fast and quick on one's feet AGILE
Firefighter's tool HOSE
Football player's protection KNEEPAD
Hair goop GEL
In two places APART
It's sung SONG
Clues Answers
Lion's hair MANE
Maine seafood specialty LOBSTER
Moo ___ gai pan GOO
Nighttime sky-gazing needs TELESCOPES
Nobel Prize category LITERATURE
Not that THIS
Old Houston football team OILERS
Payment to a landlord RENT
Peacock feature EYESPOT
Plant that climbs walls IVY
Pronounce SAY
Put a message on jewelry INSCRIBE
Ripped TORE
Rocky debris SCREE
Rotate SPIN
Sanctified HOLY
Some loaves of bread RYES
Spare thing in a trunk TIRE
Squeeze together tightly in one's hands CLENCH
Standard golf score PAR
Taxi CAB
Thing that wrinkles the nose ODOR
Thing to call a king SIRE
Thousands of pounds TONS
Toothpaste container TUBE
Travel over snow SKI
Vein to mine ORE
Was the victor WON
Windy day high-flyer KITE
Worshipped object IDOL
Young fellow LAD