Family Time - Nov 6 2017

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Clues Answers
"Dear me!" ALAS
"___ I see that?" MAY
Aussie 6-foot bird EMU
Bathing locale TUB
Beautiful flower holders VASES
Bird's beak NEB
Blink later than, in a contest OUTSTARE
Bon ___ (clever remark) MOT
Bull's sound SNORT
Candied veggies YAMS
Cape in Massachusetts ANN
Certain British nobleman EARL
Electric resistance units OHMS
Escaped FLED
Fails to exist ISNT
Fancy spread PATE
Find a purpose for USE
Flow back, as the tide EBB
Form of wrestling for heavyweights? SUMO
French water EAU
Give off, as light EMIT
Go a-courting WOO
Gym pads MATS
Has purchased outright OWNS
Hide-hair connection NOR
Involve in intrigue ENTANGLE
Jobs of Apple fame STEVE
John of tractor fame DEERE
Kool-___ (drink) AID
Look of meanness SNEER
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Lubricant for an engine OIL
Make a judgment DEEM
Male turkey TOM
Clues Answers
Mermaids live there SEA
Mythical god of war ARES
Nasal partitions SEPTA
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
One with many accomplishments DOER
Opposite of less MORE
Owl call HOOT
Partner of uncle AUNT
Penn of Hollywood SEAN
Pie-mode filling ALA
Potpie vegetable PEA
Powerful rays in the sea MANTAS
Scott's "___ Roy" ROB
Some bowling feats SPARES
Something to clean up MESS
Something to take in class NOTE
Spot of land in the Pacific ISLE
Study a book READ
Sudden outpouring SPATE
Summer month (Abbr.) AUG
Superman's logo ESS
Team supporters FANS
Terrifying roller-coaster feature LOOP
Thing a ping-pong ball may smash into NET
Things to wear with suits TIES
Top-rated ratings AONE
Totals up ADDS
Vatican VIP POPE
Vehicle for moving over snow SLED
Went over the speed limit SPED
What the fat lady sings? ARIA
Window square PANE
Yemen neighbor OMAN
___ fide (genuine) BONA