Universal - Jun 25 2001

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Clues Answers
''--- the World'' WEARE
''--- Theme'' (music-box favorite) LARAS
''No ---'' (menu phrase in certain restaurants) MSG
--- buco OSSO
--- E. Coyote WILE
--- facto IPSO
--- Lanka SRI
--- uncertain terms INNO
19th century writer of inspiring novels HORATIOALGER
American or Western follower SAMOA
Anemometer WINDGAUGE
Arabian monarchy OMAN
Bissextile year LEAP
Certain layer HEN
Charlatan FRAUD
Cheer for Manolete OLE
Circus type BIGTOP
Disburdened EASED
Distinctive clothing GARB
Dude, to a Brit BLOKE
Ear-related AURAL
English or Irish hunting dog SETTER
Family name in ''The Grapes of Wrath'' JOAD
Fighter at Vicksburg REB
Finish in the money PLACE
Follow the leader TRAIL
Foreboding atmosphere MIASMA
Former Russian ruler (Var.) TZAR
French version of 46-Across MER
Hall of Famer Monte IRVIN
Help mediate a conflict INTERCEDE
High points ACMES
Holiday helper ELF
Increase, as the pace STEPUP
Intense outrage IRE
Intention AIM
Clues Answers
It has many pieces JIGSAWPUZZLE
It's human-powered BIKE
Liveliness PEP
Long, slender sword RAPIER
MalmĀš locale SWEDEN
Member of a Jamaican religion RASTA
Money in 40-Across RUPEE
Part of a palindrome EREI
Passover breads MATZOS
Pertaining to the eyes OCULAR
Prefix for mural or venous INTRA
Prepare to remove a sneaker UNLACE
Reggae relative SKA
Rev's oration SER
Rugged cliff CRAG
Running's three ENS
Sell cheap DUMP
Some clinic workers, for short RNS
Some museum heads BUSTS
Sound asleep? ZZZ
Soup du jour, perhaps ONION
Steve Case's co. AOL
Stratford's river AVON
Telescope devotee GAZER
Tennis shot SMASH
This very moment NOW
Thompson of ''Howards End'' EMMA
Times Square lights NEONS
Trace, as of hope GLEAM
Tripping Timothy LEARY
Twofold DUAL
Type of spoon GREASY
Use a search engine SEEK
Used a backhoe DUG
Verbal expressions of understanding OHS
Wedding symbol RING
What the kid said? MAA
Where the buoys are SEA