Family Time - May 29 2016

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Clues Answers
"Before" to poets of old ERE
"It ___ hit me yet" HASNT
"On the double!" PRONTO
"Your mileage may ___" VARY
67.5 degrees, to mariners ENE
A drummer keeps it BEAT
A person paid to play PRO
Add water HYDRATE
An actor may handle one PROP
Another word for businesses FIRMS
Burdensome ONEROUS
China and Japan, e.g FAREAST
Chops into cubes DICES
Composer Johann Sebastian ___ BACH
Crossword necessities CLUES
Diane's successor on "Cheers" REBECCA
Driver's 180s UTURNS
Earthenware crock OLLA
Eucharist plate PATEN
Fencing sword EPEE
Furry weasel ERMINE
Ghastly pale in appearance ASHEN
Group of people livingГ%82В in a particular local area COMMUNITY
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Idaho's capital BOISE
Inquires ASKS
It has many planes AIRLINE
It holds things CONTAINER
It killed the cat, in a saying CURIOSITY
Clues Answers
It's in the middle of a tennis court NET
It's smaller than a molecule ATOM
Judge's coverup ROBE
Like someone ready to go to bed TIRED
Like the Grinch who stole Christmas MEAN
Maid's counterpart BUTLER
Maiden-named NEE
Miss America's hip hugger SASH
Muscular strength SINEW
Musical passage CODA
Nest egg component IRA
One behind the wheel STEERER
Propels a small boat ROWS
Quarterback Roethlisberger BEN
Run without power COAST
Scandinavian country DENMARK
Sneak off to get married ELOPE
State of agitation SNIT
Step backwards? PETS
Stitched together SEWN
Teeny mischief maker IMP
Trident-shaped Greek letter PSI
Trojan War tale ILIAD
Unaware, with "obvious" hidden inside OBLIVIOUS
What a carpet cleaner may remove SPOT
Wife of Osiris, in myth ISIS
Wise old bird OWL
Word after "fishing" or "lightning" ROD