Family Time - Mar 14 2016

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Clues Answers
"... can ___ long way" (2 words) GOA
"Free Willy" animal ORCA
"If you ___ now ..." ACT
"Look before you ___" LEAP
"Messenger" compound RNA
"To Kill a Mockingbird" author LEE
"Well, ___ be!" ILL
"Windows to the soul" EYES
"Yuck!" of yore FIE
"___ been real!" ITS
"___ for the poor!" ALMS
'60s Chinese chairman MAO
Air traffic control agcy FAA
Altercation SETTO
Anything on two feet BIPED
Astronaut's drink TANG
Babe's bed CRIB
Become exhausted TIRE
Bedtime, for some TEN
Borrowed without permission TOOK
Caravan stopover OASIS
Carpenter's file RASP
Computer desktop image ICON
Couch SOFA
Do a post office job SORT
Dog biter FLEA
Editor's removal mark DELE
Emulated a stage manager CUED
Engrave ETCH
Event with singing only OPERA
Give off, as fumes EMIT
Clues Answers
Green-light OKAY
Half a horseshoe sound CLOP
Handle with ___ CARE
Heroic chronicle SAGA
Hollywood agt REP
Horse feed OATS
Incredibly valuable IRREPLACEABLE
Kind of list TODO
Legendary ring king Muhammad ALI
Like a ball hit between the foul lines FAIR
Like slim pickings SPARSE
Long English assignment ESSAY
Man or boy MALE
Mountainous high point ALP
Not pro ANTI
Ostrich's lookalike EMU
Pesky African fly TSETSE
Police officers COPS
Russian country home DACHA
Seafood selection CALAMARI
Slaughterhouse ABATTOIR
Some boat woods TEAKS
Suds' maker SOAP
Table scraps ORTS
Tablet maker ACER
Time and again, poetically OFT
Use a sickle REAP
Where the bicep is ARM
Winter hours in NYC EST
With the bow, in music ARCO
Word from the pews AMEN
___ out a living (just gets by) EKES