Family Time - Nov 13 2016

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Clues Answers
"... which nobody can ___" DENY
"All joking ___ ..." ASIDE
"Don't ___ think about it!" EVEN
"It's ___ late now" TOO
"Present!" HERE
32,000 ounces TON
Actor's hint CUE
Amateur's opposite PRO
Assume a stooped posture BEND
Back muscle, briefly LAT
Basketball net holder RIM
Become bronzed? TAN
Boater's paddle OAR
Bridge support TRESTLE
Bring on the decorator REDO
Carpool-lane letters HOV
Chum PAL
Corn eater's leftover COB
Cover some of the same territory OVERLAP
Cream-filled cookie OREO
Dark clouds, to some OMEN
End of an ___ (significant time) ERA
Formerly, on the wedding page NEE
Happy GLAD
Have a crush on ADORE
Hearing-related AURAL
Highest point ACME
Judge's coverup ROBE
Legalese adverb HEREUNTO
Like the perfect raincoat WATERPROOF
Mauna Loa output LAVA
Clues Answers
More than fume RAGE
Musical note between fa and la SOL
No longer a twenty-something THIRTY
No longer young OLD
Not imaginary REAL
Not shaky STEADY
One of six on a cube SIDE
One who saves the day HERO
Part of a long-distance phone number (2 words) AREACODE
Part of a ritzy hotel SPA
Piece of information FACT
Place beyond the city SUBURB
Place for socks DRAWER
Put one's foot down? TROD
Relinquish or give up FOREGO
Ripened AGED
Shrewdness shown by keen insight ACUMEN
Snapshot PHOTO
Stuff to wear CLOTHES
Tea holder CUP
Tell a fib LIE
Took the bus RODE
Two of a kind PAIR
Unable to hear DEAF
Was an effective salesperson SOLD
Wavy lines, in the comics ODOR
West Indian musical style CALYPSO
What a great gardener has (2 words) GREENTHUMB
What a would-be inventor needs IDEA
Zoo structure CAGE
___ and proper PRIM