Family Time - Sep 27 2015

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" YES
"As ___ instructions" PER
"Beware the ___ of March" IDES
"Can" alternative MAY
"___ about time!" ITS
200-meter, e.g RACE
440 yards, to a track runner LAP
Abbr. on a Monopoly board AVE
Animosity (2 words) BADBLOOD
Archery bow wood YEW
Backwoods boor HICK
Barrel of brew KEG
Bathroom floor piece TILE
Belonging to that man HIS
Bit of kelp, e.g ALGA
Boast BRAG
Boggy material PEAT
Bone in the chest RIB
Brainstorming session result IDEA
Captivated RAPT
Car grille covers BRAS
Certain citrus fruit ORANGE
Circus sideshow oddity GEEK
Confined (with "up") PENT
Deuce beater, barely TREY
Father's Day gift TIE
First card below the faces TEN
Fish eggs ROE
Function USE
Future embryo FETUS
Get brown on a beach TAN
Is for more than one? ARE
It may be glossed over? LIP
It's a matter of pride EGO
Clues Answers
Kuwaiti leader EMIR
Laid hands on FELT
Like some trials or studies CLINICAL
Made an effort STROVE
Member of the opposition ANTI
Merry-go-round music, e.g LILT
Mini stream RILL
Musical partner of Crosby and Stills NASH
Next-door resident NEIGHBOR
One of the directions EAST
Part of a sword blade EDGE
Particle with a charge ION
Periods of history ERAS
Praiseful hymn PAEAN
Purchase BUY
Ready for publication EDIT
Recede, as the tide EBB
Roller-coaster, for one RIDE
Run at a red light IDLE
Screwy NUTTY
Secluded valley GLEN
Send forth, as lava from a volcano EMIT
Sentence fragment PHRASE
Slithery sea creature EEL
Smidgen IOTA
Succotash tidbit BEAN
Tedious talking style MONOTONE
Timber wolf LOBO
Time away from work BREAK
Treasure hunt aid HINT
Valuable rock in a mine ORE
With a fresh start ANEW
Worthless cloth RAG
Wrinkle remover IRONER