Wall Street Journal - Feb 20 2009 - February 20, 2009 - C Plus

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Clues Answers
'1001 Nights' bird ROC
'As I see it,' in chat room shorthand IMHO
'Lay Lady Lay' writer DYLAN
'Mighty Lak' a Rose' composer NEVIN
'Serpico' writer MAAS
'That's it exactly!' BINGO
'Well, that's obvious' DUH
'What a pity!' SOSAD
'___ bleu!' SACRE
1982 Stevie Wonder song DOIDO
Adjective in the Marine motto FIDELIS
Are, in Acapulco ESTAS
Attorney General Holder ERIC
Ball point? TEE
Barcelona bear OSO
Basilica part APSE
Basket used by Norfolk anglers? VIRGINIACREEL
Bay window ORIEL
Bendy practice YOGA
Bible verb ending ETH
Big consumer lending bank HFC
Big Easy protector LEVEE
Big lug APE
Black cow ANGUS
BMW-produced car MINI
Brillo competitor SOS
Cambridge coin TENPENCE
Canonized Fr. women STES
Cardiologists' concerns ATRIA
Cataloging abbr. ETAL
Celebrations FETES
Chemist's sprinkle NACL
Chief ___-A-Homa (onetime Braves mascot) NOC
Clay and others ORATORS
Clock numeral III
College QB, often BMOC
Crunch time for CPAs APR
Currency of Iran RIAL
Definitive CLASSIC
Doofuses CLODS
Dyed-in-the-wool partisan ZEALOT
Eli Manning's alma mater OLEMISS
Elitist SNOB
End of a college address EDU
Endorsement NOD
Falco of 'The Sopranos' EDIE
Famous B-29 ENOLAGAY
Far from frivolous STAID
Farmer's purchase SEEDS
Feet, informally DOGS
Fire proof ASHES
First A-bomb test TRINITY
Flight board abbr. ARR
Flunky's answer YES
Foreign fighter jet MIG
Go gliding SOAR
Hardly one of the in crowd LOSER
Harlem ___ (Central Park lake) MEER
He fled Sodom LOT
Healthy maintenance for reefs? CORALHYGIENE
Heat setting MIAMI
Hugh's 'Australia' co-star NICOLE
Incite EGGON
Incites PRODS
Israeli port JAFFA
It may be liquid ASSET
It might be out on a limb NEST
It's right under your nose LIP
Job applicant's concern PERKS
Clues Answers
Kant conjunction UND
Kick back REST
King's home MAINE
LA-NYC flight path ENE
Laptop key ESC
Leisurely run TROT
Letter between Quebec and Sierra ROMEO
Like some attacks FRONTAL
Marshmallow toaster CAMPFIRE
Memorable stretches ERAS
Message for archaeologists to decipher? CODEONAGRECIANURN
Met requirements? OPERAS
Mgr.'s subordinate ASST
Mikhail Gorbachev's wife RAISA
More expeditious SPEEDIER
Mortise partner TENON
Move cautiously TIPTOE
Nation of 47 prefectures JAPAN
Navigation aid RADAR
Neglects to DOESNT
Neighbor of Botswana NAMIBIA
Network launched in 1981 MTV
On its way SENT
Org. for movie helmers DGA
Parking garage part RAMP
Popular jeans brand LEE
Rage FAD
Raid ad critter ROACH
Raised, as an anchor ATRIP
Reproduction's opp. ORIG
River in a 1957 film title KWAI
Robust HALE
Rock climber's way of becoming wealthy? FROMCRAGSTORICHES
Rulers of Qatar and Kuwait EMIRS
Self-indulgent sort HOG
Semicircle CEE
Set upright ERECT
Singer/songwriter Mann AIMEE
Soprano slave AIDA
Spreadsheet unit ROW
Steakhouse amenity SALADBAR
Stiff drink BRACER
Strenuous TIRING
Subj. dealing with unknowns ALG
Suit piece PANTS
Surgery reminder SCAR
The Nikkei's market: Abbr. TSE
Time for midweek ATM withdrawals? CASHWEDNESDAY
Traffic stoppers? NARCS
Traveling company TROUPE
Treat badly ABUSE
Tree of life site EDEN
Tubes on the table ZITI
Twist WARP
Two things in a pet-loving monk's cell? THECOWLANDTHEPUSSYCAT
U.S. invasion site of 1983 GRENADA
Under the weather ILL
University of Wyoming site LARAMIE
Unsinkable baby holder? FLOATINGCRIB
Wall St. debut IPO
Ward on television SELA
Washer cycle RINSE
Wilson or Coolidge RITA
Wind-driven vehicle ICEBOAT
Winner of six Emmys and a Tony TYNEDALY
Winners of Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII BRONCOS
Winnowing waste CHAFF
Work like a beaver GNAW