Universal - Feb 20 2009

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Clues Answers
''Happy motoring'' company ESSO
''Hey, what's the big ___?'' IDEA
''I'm With Stupid'' shirt feature ARROW
''I've ___ it up to here!'' HAD
''Li'l ___'' ABNER
''Take ___ from me'' (''Here's my advice'') ATIP
''Young Frankenstein'' assistant IGOR
Andean ruminant LLAMA
Audiophile's concern TONE
Came from behind TURNEDTHETABLES
Carrot on a stick, e.g. LURE
Ceramist's oven KILN
Church feature APSE
Comics page drooler ODIE
Company that merged with Kmart SEARS
Craven or Unseld WES
Do tire maintenance ROTATE
Doesn't look forward to DREADS
Editorial changes of heart STETS
Ferdinand's first lady IMELDA
Genre of Jonathan Swift SATIRE
Glance over SKIM
Go in haste HIE
Got ahead (with 45-Across) GAINEDTHE
Greek war god ARES
Himalayan humanoid YETI
Honeybun SWEETIE
It may get rattled SABER
Linked-computers acronym LAN
Lower electrical capability DERATE
Luminescence GLOW
Majesty preceder YOUR
Men-only, as a party STAG
Milo of ''Barbarella'' OSHEA
Old Testament book ISAIAH
One is one NUMERAL
Originate ARISE
Paper for a letter LEASE
Clues Answers
Part of many mineral supplements IRON
Place above place WIN
Places for combats or contests ARENAS
Poetry Muse ERATO
Popular German import AUDI
Prefix with ''friendly'' ECO
Private dinner? MESS
Proofreader's find ERROR
Refers to CITES
River in central Switzerland AARE
Round and strip, e.g. STEAKS
Scotch partner SODA
Sealed, as a package TAPED
See 33-Across ADVANTAGE
Shooter, before shooting AIMER
Skewed view BIAS
Small accessory case ETUI
Some Europeans DANES
Spanish room SALA
Speaks on the record? RAPS
Strange-sounding city? ERIE
Stratosphere streaker, once SST
Subordinate staffer AIDE
Swashbuckler's quality ELAN
Swiss canton URI
Tennis star Agassi ANDRE
The motion of the ocean TIDE
They mingle at landfills ODORS
Tighten, as laces RETIE
Turn sharply SWERVE
Twenty hundredweights TON
Two-of-a-kind vessel ARK
Up and about ASTIR
Vaughan of jazz SARAH
Walk all over USE
Warm up, as leftovers REHEAT
Wave feature CREST
When shooting wraps up? TRUCE