New York Times - Feb 19 2009

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Clues Answers
'I Am Spock' autobiographer NIMOY
'Poor venomous fool,' to Shakespeare ASP
'Sorry, I did it' MYBAD
'That hurt!' YOW
'That's great ... not!' OHJOY
'Volver' actress, 2006 CRUZ
'Wedding Album' recording artist ONO
?, on a sched. TBA
A seeming eternity EONS
Advantage EDGE
Amazes a horror film director? AWESCRAVEN
Amount of debt, old-style ARREAR
Ancient pillager HUN
Be serious MEANIT
Becomes fuller WAXES
Bond villain in 'Moonraker' DRAX
Bone meaning 'elbow' in Latin ULNA
Boomer's kid XER
Center of holiday decorations FIR
Code carrier RNA
Conductor noted for wearing turtlenecks OZAWA
Confused responses HUHS
Conjured up EVOKED
Deal in VEND
Dickens's Mr. Pecksniff SETH
Disney's '___ and the Detectives' EMIL
Dortmund denials NEINS
Easy two points LAYUP
Essays TRIES
Film character who says 'Named must your fear be before banish it you can' YODA
Furniture chain IKEA
Health supplement store GNC
Home of the City of Rocks National Reserve IDAHO
It's good for Juan BUENO
Kind of scene MOB
Letters on some churches AME
Long hyphen ENDASH
Many truckers CBERS
Clues Answers
Marshalls competitor TJMAXX
Naut. heading NNE
Nay sayers VETOERS
Not decent BARE
Not even rare RAW
Not recorded LIVE
Old street cry, or what's in 18-, 23-, 34-, 42- and 51-Across? EXTRAEXTRA
One may be caught in it LIE
One of the Untouchables TMAN
Optimistic scan at the dentist's? XRAYOFHOPE
Org. in the Bourne series CIA
Pay strict attention to FOCUSON
Precursor to Surrealism DADA
President Bartlet on 'The West Wing' JED
Pressing URGENT
Prop on 'The Price Is Right' WHEEL
Racecar adornments LOGOS
Rock genre EMO
Ryan of 'Star Trek: Voyager' JERI
Sale caveat ASIS
School ___ MARM
Scrabble 10-pointers ZEES
Second part of a three-part command AIM
Series finale XYZ
Socket filler EYE
Speak in Spanish HABLA
Starters and more SQUAD
Story of Ali Baba? TURBANLEGEND
Swirl EDDY
Sycophant TOADY
Tear off forcefully AVULSE
They have bows OBIS
Thin, overseas MEAGRE
Transmits a message to Pancho and pals? RADIOSAMIGOS
Unfortunate date ending SLAP
Unsettling look STARE
Water colors AQUAS
What might have the heading 'Collectibles' or 'Toys & Hobbies'? EBAYWINDOW
Words with innocence or consent AGEOF