Family Time - Mar 31 2014

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Clues Answers
"Ginger" add-on ALE
"I ___ thought of that!" HADNT
"On top of that ..." ALSO
"Present!" HERE
252 gallons TUN
43,560-square-foot unit ACRE
A keeper may keep it INN
A-one (2 words) TOPNOTCH
Aloha gift LEI
American Indian cornbread PONE
Arab dignitary EMIR
Astral guide LODESTAR
Back-of-the-book reference INDEX
Barely cooked RARE
BBs, for example AMMO
Big boys? MEN
Big, bright or silly thing IDEA
Blackish form of quartz ONYX
Christmas time NOEL
Computer image ICON
Debate side CON
Dinghy tool OAR
Distribution ISSUANCE
Dotted-line command TEAR
Down under fowl EMU
Enjoy gum CHEW
Film genre SUSPENSE
Film with many extras EPIC
Flat hat TAM
From A to Z (2 words) INTOTO
Gentle reminder NUDGE
Glass clinker ICE
Go against, as commands DEFY
Clues Answers
Japanese currency YEN
Make tea or coffee BREW
Mining waste SLAG
Much in the same vein as AKIN
Munched ATE
Open with a pop UNSNAP
Paid player PRO
Place to pray APSE
Purple fruit PLUM
Recessed space ALCOVE
Recipe guesstimate DASH
Relaxation EASE
Religious subgroup SECT
Rich rock ORE
Scientist's workplace LAB
Seeing ___ dog EYE
Sleeping, say ABED
Sound quality TONE
Speeding-ticket issuer COP
St. or blvd. relative AVE
Sub sandwich HERO
Sun or moon, poetically ORB
Terrible bias RACISM
Three, two, ___ ONE
Tiny source of energy ATOM
Tropical constrictor BOA
Widespread RIFE
Willing follower? ABLE
Winter Palace resident, once TSAR
Word after a name-dropper's name? NEE
Word on a store sign OPEN
___ fly (run-scoring out) SAC
___ out (barely got by) EKED
___-tac-toe TIC