Family Time - Dec 7 2014

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Clues Answers
"Before" to poets of old ERE
"Hello," in Hawaii ALOHA
"On the double!" PRONTO
"Your mileage may ___" VARY
A person paid to play PRO
Add water HYDRATE
Animal with horns RAM
Another word for businesses FIRMS
Attorneys' org ABA
Baseball legend Ripken CAL
Capital of Idaho BOISE
China and Japan, for example (2 words) FAREAST
Chops into cubes DICES
Composer Johann Sebastian ___ BACH
Doctrines ISMS
Driver's 180s UTURNS
Drummers keep it BEAT
Eucharist plate PATEN
Extremely pale ASHEN
Fencing sword EPEE
Group of people that has "city" and "county" hidden inside COMMUNITY
Has not, shortened HASNT
Hostility, with "amity" hidden inside ANIMOSITY
Household animals PETS
It gives a hoot OWL
It holds things with a "can" and "tin" hidden inside CONTAINER
It owns many planes AIRLINE
It's in the middle of a tennis court NET
It's smaller than a molecule ATOM
Clues Answers
Letters on tires PSI
Like someone ready to go to bed TIRED
Like the Grinch that stole Christmas MEAN
Lines of seats at the movie theater ROWS
Maid's counterpart BUTLER
Maiden-named NEE
Miss America's hip hugger SASH
Mother-of-pearl maker ABALONE
Muscular strength SINEW
Musical passage CODA
Nest egg component IRA
One behind the wheel STEERER
Opposite of best WORST
Parliamentary votes YEAS
Part of an ear LOBE
Raindrop sound PLOP
Sneak off to get married ELOPE
Some mosquitoes carry it MALARIA
Spanish stewpot OLLA
State of agitation SNIT
Stitched together SEWN
Teeny mischief maker IMP
This crossword has lots of them CLUES
Track for the Indy 500 RACEWAY
Trojan War tale ILIAD
TV friend of Jerry, Cosmo and George ELAINE
Unaware, with "obvious" hidden inside OBLIVIOUS
What a carpet cleaner may remove SPOT