Family Time - Nov 9 2014

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Clues Answers
"... so shall ye ___" REAP
"Anybody home?... home?... home?..." ECHO
"Chosen one" played by Keanu NEO
"Climactic" intro ANTI
"Code" lead-in AREA
"Happy Birthday" writing medium ICING
"That's ___, folks!" ALL
"The Princess and the ___" PEA
"___ are you?" WHO
2,000 pounds TON
24-can unit CASE
A bit pretentious ARTY
Academic, as a point MOOT
Aggravated one's condition? IRE
Appearing in films ONSCREEN
Aquatic bird GULL
Area of poverty SLUM
Authoritative proclamation UKASE
Baby elephant CALF
Back talk SASS
Bar Mitzvah official RABBI
Boat mover OAR
British nobility member EARL
Campfire residue ASH
Cattle rush STAMPEDE
Cause hunger FAMISH
Checkout-counter backup LINE
Chick's sound PEEP
Class member PUPIL
Danger PERIL
Deep unconsciousness COMA
Desire URGE
Doomsayer's sign OMEN
Clues Answers
Emulate an Eagle SOAR
Explorer Marco POLO
Fairy tale baddie OGRE
Father's Day gift, sometimes TIE
Fond du __, Wisconsin LAC
Joan of ___ ARC
Kind of deer ROE
Like a defensive squid? INKY
Lounge LOLL
Luxurious, as a hotel suite POSH
Lyrical poem ODE
Mischievous child IMP
Necklace part BEAD
One spelling for a condor's home EYRIE
Opposite of buy SELL
Opposite of plentiful SPARSE
Opposite of short LONG
Part of a crab CLAW
Period of history ERA
Playful aquatic animal SEAL
Poison ivy reaction RASH
Province of Spain LEON
Small waterway CREEK
Sunscreen additive ALOE
Teamwork deterrent EGO
Twist BEND
Type of jet LEAR
Unvarying or habitual method (2 words) MODUSOPERANDI
Vast pasture LEA
Visualize SEE
Water swirl EDDY
Went to the ocean floor SANK
___ pressure PEER