Family Time - Aug 26 2013

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Clues Answers
"All the President's ___" MEN
"And the rockets' ___ glare ..." RED
"___ questions?" ANY
Activate, as an alarm clock SET
Activated, as a candle LIT
All the ___ (nevertheless) SAME
Arched body part SOLE
Be nosy PRY
Billiards stick CUE
Careless misstep SLIP
Cathedral cross ROOD
Cote quote? COO
Cultivate, as a garden TEND
Destroy RUIN
Driving aid TEE
Elbowroom SPACE
Feline that's a pet CAT
Flintlike rock CHERT
French wine region COTEDOR
Furious ANGRY
Go soft MELT
Golf standard PAR
Golfer's club IRON
Hack off, as a branch LOP
Hanging ornament PENDANT
Hard or soft addition WARE
Highway section LANE
House opener? PENT
Indian corn bread PONE
Inventory item UNIT
Kind of cake or meal OAT
Legal ___ (cash) TENDER
Major light source SUN
Male delivery? SON
Clues Answers
Male on a farm RAM
Metrical foot TROCHEE
Military trainee CADET
More than just warm HOT
Opposite of begin END
Opposite of borrow LEND
Pass in some bowls? LATERAL
Peppermint ___ PATTY
Picnic pest ANT
Place to swim POOL
Post-sermon utterance AMEN
Postal motto word NOR
Ready already PRESET
Rise from one's seat STAND
Rolling cube DIE
Rundown part of town SLUM
Scowl LOUR
Secret agent SPY
Series of scenes ACT
Shopper's binge SPREE
Slimy stuff GOO
Soon, to bards ANON
Talk wildly RAVE
To this point YET
Unharden the garden, in a way HOE
Unlike this clue number EVEN
Untruth teller LIAR
Valuable rock ORE
Was on one's rocker? SAT
Whack sharply, as a baseball SWAT
What you are driving at? SPEED
Wrath IRE
___ fly (RBI getter) SAC
___ vera ALOE