Family Time - Feb 3 2013

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Clues Answers
"In ___ of flowers . . ." LIEU
"This ___ up" END
A gym sock may have it ODOR
All tucked in for the night ABED
Arab League dignitary EMIR
Astaire and Lincoln wore them (2 words) TOPHATS
Be overly sweet CLOY
Belonging to that man HIS
Cat sound MEOW
Checkwriter's need PEN
Cherry's center PIT
Colonel Mustard's game CLUE
Deep-voiced, for a woman ALTO
Didn't stand SAT
Egg on PROD
First ___ kit AID
Fishing need POLE
Formally relinquish CEDE
Fox home DEN
Give in to gravity SAG
Greek "i" IOTA
Hairy zoo critter APE
Hawaiian starch source TARO
Horse's gait TROT
Indicate "yes" NOD
Inexperienced person NAIF
Intense outrage IRE
It's bigger than a quiz TEST
It's made at an auction BID
Keats wrote about one URN
Large BIG
Lima or kidney BEAN
Longbow wood YEW
Clues Answers
Longing YEN
Macho guys HEMEN
Make a mistake ERR
Native to a particular region ENDEMIC
Office seeker POL
Organizer of a business who assumes the risk for it ENTREPRENEUR
Place to stay on vacation HOTEL
Place where leather is produced TANNERY
Prayer recipient GOD
Predict from omens AUGUR
Put in a certain order SORT
Reflected sound ECHO
Regret RUE
Sample a beverage SIP
Shoot from the ___ HIP
Skirt feature PLEAT
Small part for a big star CAMEO
Small river dam WEIR
Sound heard on a farm MOO
Spots in high school? ACNE
Statement of financial position (2 words) BALANCESHEET
Stun or amaze AWE
Suit to one's needs ADAPT
Swindle, in a way DEFRAUD
Top position ACME
Type of tree ELM
Unmannerly one BOOR
Wall hanging ART
Work in the cutting room EDIT
___ and that THIS
___ of Galilee SEA
___-de-camp AIDE
___-tac-toe TIC