- Feb 16 2009

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Clues Answers
''Because I __ so!'' SAID
49 Down group STEEDS
Annoying one PEST
Applies frosting to ICES
Aquatic mammal OTTER
Arm joint ELBOW
Baby cow CALF
Bread with a pocket PITA
Catcher's glove MITT
Characteristic TRAIT
China's continent ASIA
Chinese-restaurant staple RICE
Computer input DATA
Cowboy's mount HORSE
Criticize severely CALLONTHECARPET
Curved lines ARCS
Duck relative GOOSE
EMT's skill CPR
Fire-hydrant attachment HOSE
Fraidy-cat COWARD
Garden access GATE
Get going START
Get out of bed ARISE
Go inside ENTER
Gotten going BEGUN
Hawk's home NEST
High cards ACES
Highways: Abbr. RTES
Important times ERAS
In pieces APART
In the end AFTERALL
IRS-form experts CPAS
Is going to WILL
Keep __ (persist) ATIT
Kitchen appliance RANGE
Landed, as a fish REELEDIN
List-ending abbr. ETAL
Clues Answers
Major blood vessel AORTA
Make simpler EASE
News summary RECAP
North Pole aide ELF
Norway's largest city OSLO
Not wordy TERSE
One dashing to home plate BASERUNNER
Outdoor barbecue area PATIO
Outdoor parking areas LOTS
Outperforms BESTS
Poker starter ANTE
Regarding ASTO
Sand bar SHOAL
Sandwich cookie OREO
Scrooge's exclamation BAH
Sharp knock RAP
Slanted typeface: Abbr. ITAL
Slice into cubes DICE
Slow-cooked meal STEW
Soak in the tub BATHE
Songs for one SOLOS
Spanish celebration FIESTA
Squeaking rodents MICE
Starting with ASOF
State with confidence ASSERT
Steakhouse selection TBONE
Sunflower edible SEED
Support strongly, with ''for'' GOTOTHEMAT
Taxis CABS
That woman SHE
Tra __ (singing syllables) LALA
Traditional knowledge LORE
Unwrap OPEN
Use a steam iron on PRESS
Waist circlers BELTS
Went by plane FLEW
Wide-spouted pitcher EWER
Young sheep LAMB
__ the way (en route) ALONG