Family Time - Mar 19 2012

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Clues Answers
''... with this ring, I ___ wed'' THEE
''Beauty and the Beast'' beauty BELLE
''Beware the ___ of March!'' IDES
''Open 24 hours'' sign material, often NEON
''___ I?'' (polite question) MAY
5-1/2 point type AGATE
A solid caustic LYE
All dried up SERE
At a great distance AFAR
Athlete who plays for pay PRO
Barely achieve (with ''out'') EKE
Barnyard biddy HEN
Be sore ACHE
Beat by a whisker EDGE
Bird beak NIB
Capital ending? ISM
Capital of Switzerland BERN
Car horn sound HONK
Chicken part THIGH
Clothing, informally TOGS
Collection of miscellaneous pieces OLIO
Day before a holiday EVE
Deodorant's place UNDERARM
Diamond or ruby GEM
Droplets at dawn DEW
Emulate a tree pruner LOP
Enemy or competition FOE
Fight against OPPOSE
Foreign dignitary EMIR
Forest clearing GLADE
Frozen dessert SORBET
Glance impolitely LEER
Gooey gruel GLOP
Got a little older AGED
Clues Answers
Had more points than LED
Help a criminal ABET
In a different way ANEW
In this way THUS
It can be good, bad or bright IDEA
It has 50 states USA
Land mass with water all around it ISLE
Land measure ACRE
Listless ANEMIC
Loafer, for one SHOE
Nicholas I was one TSAR
Noisy type of dance TAP
Nut on a wheel LUG
Ocean SEA
One ___ person PER
Orange or cream beverage SODA
Proof of a fire ASH
Put an edge on HONE
Red Skelton persona HOBO
Romantic flower ROSE
Scott's Roy ROB
Slant or prejudice BIAS
Sound that bounces back to you ECHO
Sphere ORB
Tailor-made line HEM
Take out or away REMOVE
To ___ his own EACH
Wander ROAM
Wanting company LONESOME
Way around a law LOOPHOLE
Weep SOB
___-A-Sketch ETCH
___-horse town ONE