Family Time - Aug 8 2011

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Clues Answers
''Fee ___ foe fum'' FIE
1/2b X h, for a triangle AREA
Acme's opposite NADIR
Amalgamate UNIFY
American Olympic team USA
Belt maker's tool AWL
Birth name signifier NEE
Cabbage variety KALE
Close at hand NIGH
Come clean CONFESS
Communication device PHONE
Cow's sound MOO
D.C. wheeler-dealer POL
Decelerate (2 words) EASEOFF
Desktop image ICON
Dinghy mover OAR
Egotist's concern SELF
Equine vote? NAY
Experienced, as a pro OLD
Feminine pronoun HER
Fluid for a car OIL
Fluid for a car GAS
Football player's itchy condition? (2 words) ATHLETESFOOT
Friend PAL
Funeral fire PYRE
Go ___ bigger things ONTO
Golf goal PAR
Group of three people TRIO
Grown boys MEN
High-flying toy KITE
Clues Answers
Horse's snack OAT
Jealousy ENVY
Large African antelope GNU
Leaf stalk PETIOLE
Military branch ARMY
Not from this country FOREIGN
Not old NEW
Not well ILL
Offer a bad choice to TEMPT
Old-fashioned sailor's drink GROG
One can be a whole lot? ACRE
Opposite of bottom TOP
Pal of Mickey GOOFY
Particle in a chamber ION
Santa's helper ELF
Say positively AVER
Shape of a race track OVAL
Sign of impending trouble OMEN
Song sung by one SOLO
Tampa Bay baseballer RAY
The sun is one STAR
Tower part TIER
Tuning fork's output TONE
Type of dancing TAP
Type of golf club IRON
U-Haul unit VAN
Unhappy SAD
Vet's opposite TYRO
Was introduced to MET
Winning-streak spoiler LOSS
Woman in a famous garden EVE
Word after "epsi"or "oca22 COLA
Word with "nob"or "at22 DOOR