Family Time - Mar 28 2011

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Clues Answers
''Rag Mop'' brothers AMES
Alpha follower BETA
Australian ''bears'' KOALAS
Baby's parent MOMMY
Boxing legend ALI
Butt against ADJOIN
Corp. name ending INC
Didn't win LOST
Eighteen-wheelers SEMIS
Ending for bed or home STEAD
Enormousness VASTNESS
Faithful LOYAL
Flotsam's partner JETSAM
French Sudan, now MALI
Go around the Earth in a spaceship ORBIT
God, in Mexico DIOS
Guitar cousin SITAR
Hither's partner YON
Homer Simpson's neighbor NED
It may be 90 degrees ANGLE
Lack of color DRABNESS
Large numbers SLEWS
Like tied shoes LACED
Little pain ACHE
Morsel for a horse OAT
Mountains PEAKS
Clues Answers
Moving trucks VANS
Nile snake ASP
Olympian ___-Jo, the track star FLO
One way to have fun on snow SKI
Part of a baby bottle NIPPLE
Part of a sentence NOUN
Pas' partners MAS
Person who flies planes PILOT
Piece of bread SLICE
Place for physical education GYMNASIUM
Prince Charles' sister ANNE
Ron of ''Tarzan'' fame ELY
Santa ___ Park (horse racetrack) ANITA
Skin soother ALOE
Snack on NIBBLE
Sneezing can be one SYMPTOM
Social class CASTE
Something for the bulletin board TACK
Speak like a Southerner DRAWL
Suffix with meteor ITE
Sunday newspaper feature INSERT
Talked with friends CHATTED
Teacher's place CLASSROOM
The ''A'' in James A. Garfield ABRAM
They follow K's ELLS
Tidal movement EBB
Twelve o'clock NOON
Where students eat CAFETERIA
___ mater ALMA