Family Time - Dec 26 2011

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Clues Answers
''... lived happily ___ after'' EVER
''Don't ___ think about it!'' EVEN
''Silent night, ___ night...'' HOLY
''___ for the poor!'' ALMS
A little resistance? OHM
Author unknown (Abbr.) ANON
Avoid a crash VEER
Ax handle HAFT
Bad smell ODOR
Bad tempered woman SHREW
Ball support for a golfer TEE
Be reluctant DEMUR
Be sorry about RUE
Born, on the society pages NEE
Catch sight of ESPY
Circular water current EDDY
Colonizing insect ANT
Computer image ICON
Daybreak DAWN
Deplete (with ''up'') USE
Deputized group POSSE
Dollar overseas EURO
Dove sound COO
Duck or color TEAL
Emcee's post DAIS
Exhibit an inclination TEND
Expressed, as a farewell BADE
Feathery scarf BOA
Fifth-largest planet EARTH
Fish for sandwiches TUNA
Frequently, to a poet OFT
Friend PAL
Go around the Earth in a spaceship ORBIT
Clues Answers
Go off the deep end DIVE
Golf hazard TRAP
Had a meal ATE
High card ACE
Hot dog topping RELISH
Important phone links HOTLINES
Leaseholder LESSEE
Legendary story MYTH
Look over quickly SCAN
Military competition (2 words) ARMSRACE
Neck back NAPE
Nod backwards? DON
Noon to noon DAY
Open-and-shut thing? DOOR
Owner's certificate DEED
Part of a boat KEEL
Prefix for freeze ANTI
Prepare to drag race REV
Presidential thumbs-down VETO
Put one foot in front of the other STEP
Similar ALIKE
Small digit ONE
Something to scratch ITCH
Something to skate on ICE
Soon-to-be flower BUD
Tear with force REND
Top of the line (2 words) AONE
Type of bag with handles TOTE
Wear the crown RULE
Without due formalities UNCEREMONIOUS
Woodland deity of myth SATYR
Word of division INTO
___ Traffic Keep Left THRU